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France Day 2

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t says: Blogging while on vacation is hard. Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how familiar you are with out travel), I had some time today to go through pictures. Here we go:

I liked the Mona Lisa! g remarked how the means of display prevents it from being appreciated up close, but it was actually still impressive – I don’t care how many people dis’ it! Other than the other two ladies, the Louvre was just too huge for my feeble mind to take in. I’m glad we went, but it kind of was a long walk for a short drink.

Lunch at a local cafe …
… Which for some reason a picture of this horse we saw at Hermes is n the middle of.
Lunch at Le Cafe des Inities wasn’t ad. Certainly overpriced, but it did not taste “bad”. As I ponder the burger and croquet Monsieur, I am confidant that we would just not go back and eat somewhere further from the Louvre.
We then conquered the Eiffel Tower …

But lacked the will to wait in line to go up top. We also conquered the Arc de Triomphe but felt similarly about attempting to get to the top. Lauren gave us a nice macaron or two, but we would find that to be only the very tip do the macaron-berg.


While g then napped, I conquered Du Pain et Des Idees, a well-known bakery in the tenth. It was amazing because there was an orderly line when I got there of French people, just waiting to acquire their evening baguettes. But I assure you I did no such thing:

This trip I ate a LOT of pain chocolate. This one was the best, but it was still a disappointment. Why are there only two rods of chocolate? I recall a chocolate croissant from my childhood (i.e. college) where at the library’s coffee cart, they’d sell chocolate croissants that had chocolate disbursed throughout the layers, leading to even distribution of chocolate. I found not one of these magnificent beasts in France. Maybe it was only a dream?

It’s ok, ecause they did have these “escargots” that featured no snail, rather, chocolate and pistachio. It was quite delicious!
Later that night we went to Frenchie. Mmmmmmm.20130324-104110.jpg
The foie was pretty good. It had those accompanying dots (citrus), and the bread was delist, but I think that the chef should have done something to the foie to make it more interesting. It was a giant hunk of liver and that’s it. Lame!

Apps: that dark one was mushrooms, poached egg, bacon, and either grain or bean (hazy memory) that was out of control. g felt that she won, however, with that asparagus fish concoction. She also liked the actual dish, itself that had these flowers etched into the rim. Whatevs – I was too busy focusing on the food to notice.

I forget g’s dish … Oops. Lets call it entree du foam …

The lamb dish was insane! Holding the title for single best tasting main dish of the entire trip. I could have eaten it 7 days straight. The lamb, the veggies, the artichoke, the lamb, the thin strip of “skin” was all so delicious. This, plus the bottle of ormiale 2009 a nice combo. It was a rustic Bordeaux from a fabulous year. I’d age a bottle or two in the US if I could find it.
To finish, g did cheese, and I did dessert. Nothing in particular about the dessert (a rum baba) was that insane (it was solid, but my face remained intact), so no picture uploaded …

That was a pretty nice first full day in Paris. If only it was warmer and NOT rainy, we would have enjoyed it more (this would be a recurring theme …)

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24 March 2013 at 6:13am

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