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t says:  Since our head-to-head of some popular Greek yogurts, I’ve been plugging along, doing the Fage thing (on the days that breakfast can be had), adding granola or honey or whatever else my little heart desired, watching as the Chobani tide at work slowly receded.  Now, some two years later, I guess Greek Yogurt just isn’t as “cool” anymore.  It was an interesting fad while it lasted.  And throughout, Fage remained, in my opinion, the king of yogurt (or queen – I’m unsure of the gender of Greek yogurt).  But now, upon rolling up into Wegmans, I spotted two other shnazzy-shining-armored knights invading the refrigerated section, ready to contest the throne:


sigi: this one, despite the hip packaging, failed to impress.  there was an unpleasant bitterness – no, not “twang” like Greek yogurt, rather, something in the background profile that assaulted my palate and made me think, “gee … this is kinda gross – strawberries be damned!”.  maybe it was the Icelandic skyr that scared me off (I confess I had to google “skyr vs greek yogurt” to figure out what they were referring to)


noosa: the section was also littered with the short-and-wide containers that had some brightly-colored globs of fruit preserves/jelly peaking out from the corners.  it reminded me of a cooler/hipper dannon … except that it. tastes. awesome.  seriously, the yogurt is dense and creamy and sweet – it’s like dessert.  and the flavors are ridiculous (strawberry rhubarb and mango are my favorites …).  this was surprising, because with all the mentions of “all natural” and “probiotic” and “rBGH-free-ness”, i entered the bowl with some skepticism … but whatever they’re doing to this “yoghurt” to make it taste like this, i applaud them.  to that end,  it’s probably-most-definitely not as “good” for you as Greek yogurt, but i don’t care …

noosa all gone

noosa after my wrath … feel free to insert an obligatory jar jar binks joke involving noosa/”yousa”/”mesa”, etc.

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26 April 2013 at 9:45am

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