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t says:  This is our 500th post.  That’s a huge milestone for us!  And boy do we have a food experience for it: Talula’s Table!  This little psuedo-restaurant in Kennett Square needs no introduction, as we’ve been there several times before, so let’s just roll with the pictures:


The Menu for the Evening!


Bluefish, toter tot, green onion: a surprisingly strong (but delightful) fish flavor atop a wonderfully salty, crispy tater tot.  After demolishing the plate, we tried to pretend that we hadn’t received any … surprise – they were not fooled … so I guess we do have a criticism of this dish: it needs to be about 17 times larger …


golden beet ravioli with goat cheese, romaine salad on top: this was my favorite hors d’oeuvre – it starts off with a very vivid romaine that then has a palate-coating goat cheese and ends with the distinct crisp golden beet flavor – what a roller-coaster of flavors and textures!  nice!


soup of cauliflower, salmon roe, cucumber, chevre: most found this to be a refreshing start to the meal.  I found the cauliflower to be interesting because it tasted like straight-up cauliflower, but not roasted or anything.


Chesapeake blue crab omelette: holy crap – this dish totally blew people’s faces off.  I suspect it was because it had a benign name: “omelette”.  Seriously – when’s the last time an “omelette” ever did anything surprising?  Well this one was like a ninja to your palate because you take a bite expecting “egg”, but instead get rocked by crab and greens and herbs, with the egg plays some mellow background music – v’s favorite of the night!


foie, turnips, radishes: a fun combination: an impressive demonstration of foie married nicely to its accompaniments.  I think that foie-lovers would have gravitated more towards this dish, while I tend to prefer my foie darkly seared and deeper (this one was more light-and-springy)


pea ravioli with pork belly surprise (hiding underneath!): this was my favorite of the night – and for the record, it was not just because there was a hiding mass of pork underneath (many attested to the greatness of the ravioli sans pork).  I can’t even begin to describe what made this dish so remarkable other than to admit that “pea ravioli” as I’ve called it does it a tremendous disservice.


blue fish: this dish probably had the most fans – I give it props for having just the right balance of novelty (garlic flan … no, it’s not the next generation of cooking, but when’s the last time you had garlic flan?) and integration (putting the fennel and the fava beans and the perfectly cooked fish and the flan and the sauce together resulted in a symphony that forced you to stop and ponder the meaning of life …).  a’s mom just couldn’t get enough!


chicken: perhaps the weakest dish of the evening – the chicken was nicely-done, as were the curried carrots, but ultimately it didn’t quite come together in the end as we would have liked.  v felt that this flavoring of this dish didn’t quite “fit” with the progression of the rest of the meal, and I tend to agree.  Sorry chicken – every meal is going to have its weakest link, and that’s you (even though technically, every single item was indeed perfectly cooked).


steak 2 ways: this was a’s favorite dish of the evening, and he’s not a guy to just give props to meat for the sake of being meat.  Maybe it was the squash blossoms?  Maybe it was the perfect seasoning?  Maybe it because the main character was given an opportunity to shine, and shine it did, with a tenderness I have never seen in a skirt steak?  Or maybe it was because a brought out his 2004 Opus One that was drinking beautifully, with aromas of cigar box and dark fruit and a palate of cola, raisins, and tea?  Whatever it was, it was an appropriate finale to the steady crescendo the meal had been trending towards.


cheese: cows: gouda, parm reg, cheddar, something else, and a local blue.  All in all, a nice cheese plate.  Personally, I would have preferred a variety of milks on a cheese plate, but the point of the plate was there to be all cows, so I understand why they did it.  I think I was most surprised by the pickled asparagus and pickled cauliflower – they really reset your palate between cheeses, which I appreciated (especially because I was getting full by this point).

lining up

and now the final course …


dessert!  pancakes!  yay!  nuff said …


double-dessert: chocolate truffles: because every meal needs a little chocolate, otherwise, it’s not really a meal …

This was one of the best Table experiences we’ve had!  With really only the chicken being a little snooze-y, it’s safe to say that Chef is doing a wonderful job – I haven’t had this good a food there since Sikora’s time.  The Table still delivers amazing flavor combinations despite unassuming ingredients and simplistic plating – it never fails to surprise me.  The service was top-notch and the staff was very approachable, not hesitating to allow us to get up from our seats and watch them cook up and plate the dishes (even though we clearly were a few glasses of wine into dinner).  The kitchen table is a fabulous experience – we [still] highly recommend it and feel that it’s totally worth the price of admission (e.g. go to Vetri once, but go to Talula’s Table as many times as you can).  And so, I went to end by thanking sr and ha for their generosity that allows us to eat out like this – thanks guys!  Thanks to a and v, as this event would not have been as much fun without them – we love having friends with a similar love of and priority for fine dining.  And, of course, thanks to a’s parents – it’s always a pleasure to eat [and drink] with them.

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2 July 2013 at 9:41pm

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