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t says:  Sooooo … I’ve been told that my last post, despite containing some of the funniest things I’ve ever written (so I’m told), contained a lot of negativity.  In an effort to minimize the spread of sorrow, I’ve lumped together into a single post a few other recent letdowns …

library bar: we went with a and v to the new-ish bar in the bottom of the Rittenhouse

library bar: we went with a and v to the new-ish bar in the bottom of the Rittenhouse.  the cocktails are splendid – very professionally executed with premium ingredients … however … nowhere in Philadelphia should a cocktail cost $20 … nowhere.  g, who likes to play the optimist’s card, likes to point out that “at least they were very good cocktails!” … but still … it’s not like they were 50% better than any drink at Franklin Mortgage (I’m not sure they were any better, actually …)  So we decided that Library Bar would be a nice place to go (good environment, very posh) to meet people for -A- drink and nothing more … but I still hope there never comes a time in my life when I’m “ok” with a $20 cocktail … (I have been known to splurge on a $20 glass of wine once or twice, but usually to taste something I’d never be able to get otherwise – so I’m ok with that)

dumb idea

my dumb idea: I wanted to make myself some chocolate chip pancakes but lacked chocolate chips.  I reasoned that peanut-butter M&M’s would be appropriate, especially because I’ve even had the PB chips and chocolate chips in the same pancake at Honey’s before.  However, unlike regular M&M’s, the moment these guys hit the batter, their colors started bleeding.  The end result was the psychedelic pancake you see above.  So what was the disappointment?  Yea … so peanut-butter M&M’s in pancakes is actually not as nearly as tasty as it sounds [to me].  That might be a “no duh!” thing to you, but for me, I was a little sad :-(


i saw this on a ?moped?/?motorcycle? on my way to work and I just had to take a picture.  I love the bumper sticker … what’s the sad part?  it’s not mine. (the sticker … not the vehicle)

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4 August 2013 at 9:59pm

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