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t says:  g and I went to “The Cadenza Experience” at Sbraga.  We liked it quite a bit (no surprise, given the last time we were there) – but more importantly, a and v got their own reservation to go (it was their first time at Sbraga), so this’ll be kind of a combined post …

a says:  With t’s guidance we got on the Cadenza waitlist, and then with v’s sweet-talk, we got a reservation for early Monday night (t says: I wonder what she said?).  Having seen g & t the night before (@ jamonera … the post is coming …), we knew we were in for a good meal. And sure enough, Sbraga delivered… for free!

t says: Roll the pictures!!


a says: the drink service was topnotch for a free event, and included mixed drinks and four wine options.  We highly recommend the Broad Street and the lovely Italian red blend, with soft tannins that went well even with the salmon (menu below).  Our waitress was extremely professional, helpful, and knowledgeable – kudos!  t says: g and I enjoyed how when we were inside, there was no further mention of the car anywhere.  No server bothered us about it.  No more surveys were had.  There weren’t Kia commercials playing in the background.  I mean, aside from the cheesy light display and ice sculpture (for real – a Kia Ice sculpture), it was pretty much a free meal.  a says: By the way, the Cadenza is a perfectly capable car that looks and feels much better than any Kia in recent memory.  t says: For $35,900 base price, I’d hope it’d drive better than any other Kia … but dear Lord, that was one helluva snooze-mobile – it could have induced a cataplexy at any moment, it was such a boring/bland car … a says: smartass.


t says: the offered items were straight from the real menu!  they weren’t just serving us dumbed-down dishes!


t says:  this was the pork belly appetizer.  it was exactly the same as the last time we went and it was fabulous.  No point in discussing it more – I just liked putting up another picture because this one was prettier than the last one!


a says: I went with the tomato melon soup (which is also what g had).  It was a nice riff on a typical gazpacho, which I’ve been eating a lot of lately.  This one isn’t as good as Ela’s but it’s up there – acidic yet sweet and very refreshing.  t says: When I tasted some of g’s, I was impressed with the smokey-spicy counterpoint that kept me coming back for more – and even the mild cashew’s flavors had a part to play! It really was a well-orchestrated soup!

roast pork

a says: I went for the roast pork which is the best “deconstructed” DiNic’s pork sandwich I’ve ever had.  They even remembered the long hots!  t brags: I told you so!  I had it again, too!  I just couldn’t help myself!

t says:  Other dishes that were ventured include g’s pasta dish, which was quite hearty and also delicious (but wasn’t so photogenic, so we left it out of the post) and v’s salmon … which we’re not sure what she thought about it because I kept forgetting to ask her before this post went live (the sneeze waits for no one …)


a says:  We ended with the cherries jubilee which had an interesting peppery spiciness thanks to the szechuan ice cream.  And the pistachio bread pudding (above) we feel strayed too far to be called “Bread pudding” but was tasty nonetheless.  t says: I liked how it had that strawberry rhubarb topping – nice and zippy!  I mean, maybe it could have used a bit more chocolate, but that’s just because I’m a chocolate fiend.

t says:  We thank Kia for the free meal.  I think the event was nicely organized and would be happy to do it again.  More importantly, it’s a LOT of fun to say repeatedly say “The Cadenza Experience” in an emphatic manner – it’s going to be our running joke, for sure …

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12 August 2013 at 10:13pm

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