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The “other” Cochon

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t says: I have frequently googled “cochon” in the past, looking for the address of our philadelphia byob in Queen’s Village, but always getting fooled by this “other” restaurant in Louisiana. Well now we can finally say we’ve been to both! And the food was SUPERB!

g liked her cider, and the Japanese bourbon (Nikka Taketsuru 12-year) had such complexity that it has singlehandedly changed my mind about bourbon: hey a, I’m ready for the bourbon trail … in Japan …

The ribs were OUT of control – if I could buy that sauce by the bottle, I would. If they made shampoo that smelled (and/or tasted) like the sauce, I’d buy it. Seriously – best barbecue I’ve had in a long long time. The pork cheeks were also delicious – a far more subtle dish (and they could have been a smidge more tender), but good acidity in there. And the cucumber salad, of all things, was phenomenal, recharging our palates so we could eat more and more pig!

The pulled pork mass was delicious but could have used a bit more greens or beans or something else – the meat was delicious but needed something else to complement it. As for the stewed vegetables, they were also phenomenal – wish I had me some breakfast eggs to pour them over …

This was dessert – it was billed as a “banana cream pie with chocolate graham crust” … but it was SO much more that bruleed banana cream pie in chocolate crust, as homely as it looks in the photo, is probably the best dessert I’ve had all year!

And you know what, dinner for two, including drinks and a dessert for under $100 I think is quite a nice deal!

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12 September 2013 at 10:21pm

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