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t says:  So I dashed into Talula’s Daily this morning and while I was in line ordering a slew of sweet foods, a quiche caught my eye.  Or is it a frittata?  Who cares.  It’s something with a LOT of stuff in it, including mushrooms, brie, and kale.  I figured, “If I eat this first, maybe it’ll balance out all the sweet stuff I’m ordering?”.


I don’t even really like these egg things that much … but this thing melted my face.

a face melting quiche?

a face melting quiche?  i mean it’s so good i almost feel guilty that g’s not here.  (But then I remember she’s in san fran right now and ate at Flour + Water last night … and I feel less guilty)  But in actuality, the mushroom density might be too much for g to handle, so it’s ok.  And there are no pumpkin scones left today.  And no lemon ginger either.  So g, it’s ok – you’re not missing much … and I promise I’m not having any fun without you.

Written by afterdinnersneeze

5 October 2013 at 10:52am

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