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drb storms Restaurant Steiereck

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t says: When g and I visited out friend drb in Vienna, we went to Michelin-starred Steiereck for a cheesey luncheon, missing out on the opportunity to eat their for dinner.  Well … drb went back and conquered their tasting menu.  While he has not given me any comments, he has given me the pictures.  So why not just post them here?  That’s right, there’s no reason:

01 - QzhiYbu

02 - hDUEw7N

03 - opFDYkB

04 - z4b5lDN

05 - fqsuYNy

06 - m52zKL0

07 - shTjB2s

Look carefully at those wine glasses. I think they’re Zalto!  That’s sexy.

08 - uM2qvTB

09 - wqXEZAs

10 - AbhALG7

This wine glass also appears to be Zalto. Nice!


11 - ePwX1HF

12 - tq2y1h5

13 - q1VxvbV

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14 January 2014 at 2:17pm

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