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LaBan gets The Fat Ham right!

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t says:  I had some pictures in my phone from a lunch that a and and I had at the Fat Ham, just waiting to be unleashed onto adsz.  But of course, I had been procrastinating … and procrastinating … and procrastinating … until now!  LaBan’s review just came out, reminding me of just how much we liked it!  No time like the present!  While we may not have had the emotional crisis that LaBan went through (he got absurdly bent out of shape over the sauce of the hot chicken), it was a damn good meal.  Check it out:


ricotta cheese: this was crazy-good.  like Barbuzzo-good.  The creaminess and that little bit of oil was perfect.  It doesn’t have that drizzle of balsamic that makes Barbuzzo’s so ridiculous, but there was something in its simplicity that just kept me coming back for more.  I would have gladly licked the bowl if that was acceptable.


these oyster po-boys were amazing.  how it is that the super-thin-and-crunchy crust stays on the oyster, which is not the least bit overcooked might be another wonder of the world.  I would have been satisfied with these for a main any day!


the burger was a little underwhelming.  featuring wagyu beef, the waiter boasted that it was the best burger he had ever had.  and maybe that was true – if we could have tasted the burger!  you see, we were prepared for moo-moo succulence, but found the cow to be completely overtaken by pimento cheese in both texture and flavor!  sorry Sbraga – there’s just too much pimento!  it was almost like cheeze-whiz!


pecan pie … out. of. control.  best i’ve ever had. period.  flavor, texture, everything.  kp needs to verify its superiority.


and they have an exhaustive list of bourbons!  some of them downright pricey, but might be worth a stop if you have a hankering for some whisky.  Their sauv blanc that was on tap was not bad for $6!

While this is “only” a lunch, if it is any indication of what dinner may promise, then the Fat Ham has destination dining written all over it.  I say “destination dining” because let’s face it – who’s going to venture out to that weird little void between Penn and CC?  Certainly JG Domestic isn’t drawing any crowds, but maybe the Fat Ham will?  I hope so!

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21 March 2014 at 8:47pm

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