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t says:  I came across this article the other day, and consulted a and drb to ask their opinions.  They had a lot to say …

a says:  I agree with the article completely. Whisky is no different than wine, you may enjoy a $400 bottle more than something cheaper but anything well made, over $15 is getting into personal preference, not actual quality. I’ve had most of the whiskeys on this list and agree that they are excellent alternatives. Willet (rye) is the only one I brought back from Kentucky so you know I love the distiller – the bourbon is available in PA I believe. Never had/heard of Larceny. Michter’s is awesome but still quite expensive. Can’t say I’ve had Glen 15 but it ain’t American whiskey so whatever for this conversation. Finally, I have a bottle of EW SB in my home right now. It’s one of my go-to bottles between $20-$30 – the others being Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace, Craig 12, and Weller 12 (the “poor mans Pappy”).

drb says:  I’m not much of a bourbon drinker as I drink mostly scotch if I’m going for something high-quality.  I don’t have anything against bourbon, I just know more about scotch, and if I’m going to spend 60 euros on a bottle of something I want to be sure I like it!  The only whiskey on the list I’ve tried is the Glen 15.  It’s good but the one time I bought a bottle of it I still had some Glen 12 lying around.  I tried to see if I could tell the difference between the two and I couldn’t.  Also, a, since your a whiskey fan. A couple months ago I got a bottle of this: and it was fantastic. Competes with Lagavulin for title of “drb’s favorite whiskey”.

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25 October 2014 at 7:05pm

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