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London Photostorm Round 1.5

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t says:  After waking up from my nap and looking back at my previous post, I couldn’t help but laugh – it was probably the most unpolished piece of writing on here in a long time – and I recall thinking to myself at the time: “this will be the best post ever”.  Sleep deprivation will do that to you.

As I sit in bed, drinking a cup of hotel tea (btw, “Dean Street Townhouse” in London is frickin’ amazing – it’s not much to look at, but the amenities are spot on), I reflect on the rest of yesterday.  What did I do after that post went up?  Well, I took a nap … woke up … and ate more ramen:


I went to Bone Daddies, which is also around the corner from the last place, Tonkotsu.  This place had a line queue that wrapped around the outside of the store.  Now, I know that I hate lines, but something told me that this line was going to go fast.  And I was right – with a party of one, they seated me within 10 minutes.  Of course, they seated me next to another Asian couple along a bar-like area against a wall, and they pretty much treated us a s a party of 3 – they took our order at the same time, served us at the same time, gave us our bill at the same time …  But it was fine – because I did befriend them and asked them to take the above picture and email it to me as my trusty iPhone had died right on cue (my iPhone, Alfred, appears to crump at 20% battery nowadays).  As an aside, thanks to that couple – they were awesome – we talked about London and ramen and shopping – a fabulous time!  Back to the ramen: I would have to say that the noodles were not as good as Tonkotsu – they weren’t as firm, they didn’t have as much of a “taste”/alkalinity.  But the broth here was similarly excellent – a savory/spicy kimchi (not as good as other Kimchi I’ve had, but respectable), with tempura shrimp and mussels – it was an eye-opener.  (I’m totally stealing the kimchi + seafood idea for future get-togethers)  Bone Daddies also gets points for a superior soft-boiled egg.  Overall, the dish was DELICIOUS – I inhaled it so fast that I was “sweating like grandpa” – anyone who’s seen our grandpa eat spicy Korean food knows what I’m talking about.  In all, a great bowl of “Korean ramen”.  And even though I am going to ding Bone Daddies for their subpar noodles, I am going to give them props for their mochi (their matcha mochi was unremarkable, but their chocolate mochi was divine! like eating chocolate frosting in mochi wrapper), and for …


… the RIDICULOUS plastic bibs I saw other people wearing.  Seriously, London?  For as fashionable as I thought this area would be, it was hilarious to see people donning these plastic bibs so as not to stain their threads.  I’m pretty sure no one would wear them in the States … except the hipsters … who would wear them to be ironic … and to protect their vintage T-shirts from slurp splash.

g and I were finally reunited after dinner!  Yay!  Happy anniversary to us!

And we finished off the day with some gelato and pastries from Ottolenghi.  They were fabulous too.  I forgot to take photos so you’ll just have to take my word for it …

So now I wonder what today will bring …

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25 June 2015 at 1:55am

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