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McMuffin or Biscuit?

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t says: So it turns out MacDonald’s might be serving breakfast throughout the day.

That rocks, because I’d always preferred their breakfast options to the rest.  I have fond memories of sitting in the car after swim practice, with the scent of chlorine in the air, grasping those bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuits with my pruned fingers, trying to prevent the inevitable self-destruct sequence that the biscuits go through the second you take your first bite. It was during the “2-for-$2” campaign (that’s right!  $2!!  That’s like back when gas was < $1/gallon!), and life was good.  I have ended the lives of many-a-biscuit.  Actually, I’ve eaten so much MacDonald’s (breakfast and not) during my childhood that not a day goes by where I don’t thank my genetics for seemingly preventing any obvious untoward health effects.  While it’s highly unlikely that I’d eat at MacDonald’s with any real frequency today (seriously – I probably had it in an airport once a year ago), I do like knowing that a greasy, stomach-filling sandwich can be had at any time of day.

But if you read the headline, it seems that there will be a split – some places offering biscuits, and some McMuffins.  This is a classic g versus t debate.  g sides with the McMuffin – feeling that the biscuits are too greasy, and the muffin more resembles a food that she would actually enjoy eating on the day-to-day.  My side: that’s the point!  It’s hedonistic, it’s daring (I mean, it’s obviously so bad for you that you should get a blue ribbon just for surviving!).  It’s a special occasion food!  Like eating a slab of pork belly or foie (that’s right: MacDonald’s biscuit = crumbly foie).  Live a little! (just not too much).

So I wonder what we’ll see at our local Mickey-D’s.  We’ll check it out once … for the sake of the blog …

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1 September 2015 at 9:23pm

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