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t says: In my last post, I did forget the other adsz adventure we went on: the suckling pig at Amada!


Screw pictures containing the “sides” and cut straight to the main event: the frickin’ suckling pig.  Now, a and I have done this before, but for g and v, this was their first time.  Let me make a few comments:  1)  Yes that is one-half of a pig, and it was plenty for our 6-diner party.  (There were tons of leftovers).  2)  If you want the head, you have to let them know ahead of time (we didn’t think to do that).  3)  The absolute best damn part of this pig is the skin.  Seriously.  I must have eaten the whole carcas of this thing – it was like “sesame cracker” that you start off with at Serpico, but expressive of the most profound “sense” of pig (fatty, salty, sweet).  Gawd it was insane.  4)  When you dine at Amada, bring magnums to avoid excess corkage fees (they still charge only for one bottle).  5) Take photos with the tableside carving person – he doesn’t mind … <pictures omitted to protect our identities>

Amada’s suckling pig was fantastic.  If you’re only in Philly for a limited amount of time (e.g. for school, residency, fellowship, whatever), I highly recommend you do this at least once before you leave.  It is true that Jose Garces is no longer as cool as he once was, but it’s good to know that when the fame goes away, his crew has the skills to pull of a damn fine looking pig like this.

(and yes – the head is mandatory if you have the option: the cheek meat is incredible).

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28 September 2015 at 6:59pm

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