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A Few Quick Brunches

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t says:  Since moving on out here, g and I have done a lot of cooking at home, especially for dinner.  I will say that the restaurant scene provides plenty of temptation (never have we lived in a city with so many different kinds and calibers of restaurant), but we have been careful to not exceed the usual “going out” quota we had in Philly (and choosing restaurants that were of a similar price-point).  But if there’s one area where we are splurging, it’s for breakfast: we like waking up, walking around our neighborhood because the weather’s so nice, and get easily side-tracked by brunch.  The problem is this: we keep going to the same places over and over!!

For instance, just when we thought Piccino couldn’t get any better, they went and did something like this:


It is a known fact that if you try and study something immediately before bedtime, then fall asleep, you will have less likelihood of remembering it in the morning than had you studied something, waited a while, and then fallen asleep.  I think that this is a similar explanation to why I can’t remember what this dish was called.  It hit the table, and I blacked out.  When I came to, I had a smile on my face, an empty plate, and a scent of something chocolatey and hazlenutty in my nose.  Was it chocolate bread pudding?  Was it chocolate brioche french toast?  Gawd – it’s really gone.  Now, if you told me that I ate it all, I’d believe you, because that sounds like something I’d do.  But if you told me that a ninja jumped out of nowhere, knocked me out, and stole my breakfast (as it was the last one they were serving that day), I’d believe you, too (it’d be worth it!).  Piccino could still do no wrong (and g liked her omelette thing, too)



Speaking of wonderful brunches: it’s confirmed, we’re also addicted to Plow.  I keep dragging g back (but it’s not like she’s putting up much of a fight).  I just wanted to leave this reminder here: the lemon ricotta pancakes are wonderful, but the French toast are also a nice carb-loaded breakfast as well (you know, just in case you’ve exceeded your pancake quota for the month …).

Living in SF is rough indeed …

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7 March 2016 at 10:24pm

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