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A Cupcake Pitstop

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t says: Yes, right now there is some friction about the cupcake trucks in Philly.  But in the words of a great television star, “Hell, I don’t know who to believe!”.  BUT – I realize that I don’t really care just so long as the cupcakes are good.  And today … I finally put up the Buttercream Cupcake truck to the test  – it just happened to be on my way home!

And how were the cupcakes?  Well, they have more than just cupcakes …

Let’s do the cupcakes first.  Overall, they weren’t that bad – but not the best either.  The texture of the red velvet and chocolate cupcakes were a little crumby/crumbly, which isn’t my style of cupcake (but for some reason, a lot of Philly cupcakes are like this!).  I felt the Red Velvet didn’t really have that luscious flavor you’d get from someplace like Brown Betty’s – and the cream cheese icing was a little more on the light-and-creamy side than the cream-cheese-decadent side (which I prefer).  So if you like a Red Velvet cake that you could eat two of, then this one will probably do just fine (I suppose I want one that’s so rich that I couldn’t possibly eat two no matter the circumstance).  As for the chocolate one, I was happy with the ganache, but couldn’t quite get past the crumbiness.

Then there was that yellow cupcake.  But this was no ordinary yellow cupcake.  It was actually a banana cupcake with a nutella buttercream, and I believe it was the best of the three.  The cake was light and fluffy and spongey, with a hint of banana with just a dash of nutella in the icing.  It was a nice-and-playful cupcake (which I realize is what I didn’t like about the Red Velvet above – but here I like it!).  It was light enough so that I suspect that g might even like the banana one (when she gets home – muhuhahahaha).

But what is the other thing in the foreground?  Well, that is a chocolate pie with a peanut-butter cream topping and swirls of chocolate ganache.  The filling is delicious … just so long as you like straight up chocolate, peanut butter, and sugar (which I do).  I only wish the crust was a little darker – it looked a little anemic.  For the most part it was a run-of-the-mill crust as far as I could tell – the filling was the star of this dessert.  I’d recommend it as much as the banana-nutella cupcake – which is both good and bad.  On one hand, I like the pie thingee, but on the other, why can’t someone give me some cupcakes as good as kara’s?

Maybe when g gets home, she’ll blog her opinion …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

18 March 2011 at 1:30pm