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Lightning Round 2! (+Bonus Pic!)

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t says: We had a long time friend (drb) and his awesome girlfriend stop by in Philly a couple times during their recent visit to the area. We used this as an opportunity/excuse to show off some Philly cuisine, taking them to places that we thought were surefire bets for impressive food. Because we’ve been to all of these places before, there’s no real point to individual reviews, so here’s the quick and dirty …

drb keeps his own wordpress blog, so if you desire a non-g/t review of some of these places, check it out here.  And no, you’re not allowed to think he’s funnier than we are …

Village Whiskey:

Props: BBQ pork sandwich. Yea – it’s still ridiculously good (but I recognize that bbq is a very personal thing, so maybe some might disagree). My friends enjoyed the fries and veggie burger, but did note that perhaps this place was a bit overpriced (e.g. $8 for a glass of whiskey that could be purchased by the bottle for ~$25). My response: “welcome to Philadelphia”. While his girlfriend admitted to liking the veggie burger a lot, drb noted that it contained a lot of intact beans – he prefers a more homogeneous patty. To each their own. Slops: What is wrong with the service here? They just can’t seem to get it together! This was our second time in a row with crappy service. Although we didn’t get the juvenile attitude that our last server had, it took 40 minutes for two sandwiches to arrive despite the place being only half-occupied. And then they forgot to add the onions I had ordered on my sandwich. Very weird. VW has to have the most inconsistent service of all the Garces joints. drb noted that it seemed to him like it was staffed with a bunch of hipsters … and he hates hipsters (n.b. just to clarify, he is not one of those people who assumes that anyone with a tattoo is a hipster; he has absolutely nothing against people with tattoos … just hipsters).

Capo Giro:

Props: Dark chocolate and candied cherry gelato. Need I say more? Well I’m going to, anyways. drb’s girlfriend, who insisted that she had very high gelato standards (having spent time in Europe) and even admitted that she was quite cautious/hesitant/doubtful before tasting Capo Giro, proclaimed it to be the best gelato she has ever had. Bam!  It was so good, we went there a second time with drb and his mom a week later.  Slops: If it was just a dollar cheaper, that’d be awesome. However, I’d also be 87 lbs heavier, so maybe not …

Carman’s Country Kitchen:

Props: This place’s food was still off-the-hook. We knew that drb and his girlfriend would enjoy the “atmosphere”. We love how we can call up Carman and claim our table early. Slops: Totally forgot that if you have dietary restrictions or particular tastes (e.g. anti-fruit), this is not the easiest place to find something to eat (it’s summer – fruit’s in everything). If the chairs were just a little smaller, we might be able to smoosh in a little closer when sitting at the tables.


Props: Best pork belly I’ve ever had (it was that 10-hour pork belly appetizer). Holy crap. Also – they had a “special” Japanese eel nigiri. Best eel I’ve ever had. It was the flavor of eel but the texture of pork belly and a crisp skin. Holy crap. It might have been the best piece of sushi I’ve ever had. Even drb also had a “best ever” moment with his sushi.  g enjoyed her red snapper special; it was superior to my main dish in both texture and taste (see Slops).  We also had some “burnt honey ice cream” for dessert (it was featured as a component in another dessert item, but we asked for it straight up).  The pieces of burnt honey (maybe they took a torch to it and then shoved it in the ice cream maker?) were surprisingly delicious as you encountered each little crunch – we’ve got to try this with j and k’s ice cream maker.  Also, our server was super-nice – VW should kidnap this guy and clone him.  Slops: Alaskan halibut with black bean sauce was … mediocre good. Had it been $21, then giddyup. But for near $30, definitely not. It made me wish they had the Chilean sea bass with black bean sauce on their menu, as I had heard so many good things about it from w; what a difference the swap in fish made (it was cooked fine, but kind of bland).


Props: Reservations on Saturday mornings is awesome – I’m over waiting in lines (although it was kind of empty in there). Cyprus breakfast was tasty – a savory breakfast for sure with egg, ham, bread, fried cheese, and some sort of vegetable. Overall, we enjoyed how the food was not only “simple”, “rustic”, and “delicious”, but well-executed (drb claimed his eggs were perfect).  Additionally, it wasn’t food-coma-inducing, which drb and g appreciated (I don’t mind a good coma every now and then). The baklava was pretty tasty – not as good as Zahav’s, but, then again, it’s like half the price. Slops: A little more bread in the Cyprus breakfast would have been great (I’m a starch man). I agree with the waiter from before – the Cyprus breakfast isn’t to-die-for – as there are probably tons of other things on the menu that are awesomer (we just don’t know which ones to choose because it’s not like we recognize any of the items on the menu).


Props: What do you get when you take French toast and top it with one scoop each of peanut butter, banana, and vanilla-bacon ice creams, banana-caramel sauce, and bacon? Allow me to illustrate:

The best French toast ever!!

Yea … it … was … awesome. I ate it all (minus the two bites g snuck in when I was fiddling with the iPhone camera (that’s her hand ready to pounce in the picture). Once again – I normally hate taking pictures in restaurants as it’s super-tacky, but this was one of those things where I knew that you’d need proof of its existence (plus I had to tease sr for having to bail on us for brunch at the last minute). g had the fried oyster sandwich (you see it in the background), which was good as well – but come on – what’s going to compete with the “Elvis French Toast”? Also, we saw the chef/owners of Bibou (the Calmels) enjoying brunch here, too (g has a super-power that allows her to recognize/recall important people in the Philly restaurant scene – I would have preferred a more useful super-power, personally). If they eat here, then you can rest assured that my constant praises of this place’s brunch are legit, and not just the ravings of a lunatic. Interestingly, Bibou’s website claims that they are on vacation … Slops: We can’t go anywhere else for Sunday brunch. Ever. They also peach-cobbler-ified their pancakes, so I have to go back for that, too. Maybe this time, sr and ha will come. I’d invite j, but she’s back to school; it’s ok, she wouldn’t regret missing a dish like this, right?

EDIT:  We’ve come back and I’ve experimented with putting these toppings on top of their super-awesome pancakes.  Surprisingly it was not as good as the French toast.  There’s something about the ice cream on top of their French toast that is awesome.  It’s almost like the French toast is the “savory” in this dish, whereas their pancakes are like another sweet.

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24 August 2010 at 10:00am

Yogorino: Not Yo’ Mamma’s Fro’ Yo’

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t says: When I used to think of frozen yogurt, I thought of TCBY.  Essentially, I thought of custard (or “soft serve” as most people call it) that never tasted quite as good as ice cream (also, the texture was less “creamy” and more “frozen”).  Well, Yogorino apparently recognized the taste disparity, gave ice cream the middle finger, and shouted defiantly, “we don’t want to taste like ice cream”.  The end result was a super-creamy soft serve creation that tasted liked … yogurt!  It’s actually quite stunning how much like yogurt it tastes – especially upon your first bite when your mouth and brain expects “oh, vanilla soft serve” but bam! it gets that yogurt twang instead (yea, there’s creamy vanilla and sugar, too, but the yogurt flavor is what makes the biggest first impression).

Yogorino has this one shtick: yogurt.  They only have one flavor of yogurt: “vanilla” (or more accurately “vanilla yogurt”).  The Yogorino experience is with the variety of interesting toppings – they have dry (including chocolate shavings, nuts, other candies), fresh fruit (changes frequently), fake fruit (fruit sauces), and wet (other sauces, like chocolate and caramel).  I’d be willing to bet that fresh strawberries and either chocolate shavings or chocolate sauce is the most common combination – makes sense to me – they taste good together!

Now, g and I have been there a few times, but I never felt particularly “moved” by it.  Personally, I like the taste of yogurt, but mostly with my Indian food or for my breakfast.  For dessert, I’d rather go to the nearby Capo Giro, where if I order something vanilla … it tastes like vanilla!  But tonight … Yogorino changed it all for me … and for the better!  Maybe it was the company?  Maybe it was the beautiful weather?  Maybe it was the peace of Rittenhouse Square at night?  These were great … but I’m pretty sure it was the yogurt.  Or should I say, the toppings?  I ordered a small with chocolate sauce and pistachio sauce (not the nuts … a green sauce).  The end result was an interesting brown-green puddle atop a mound of white.  It looked atrocious, but it was SO tasty.  The pistachio flavor was light, the chocolate was inviting, and the yogurt twang actually tasted like the sour you would get from fresh fruit, not from yogurt.  According to my brain, I had a chocolate-pistachio-fruit soft serve … it was awesome!  Plus, with the “probiotics”, it’s good for me … right?

g got caramel sauce on top of hers, and she said it was the best topping she’s ever had on top of Yogorino.  I disagree … mine was.  But hers was a close second …

In the end, I’m glad I’ve come around to liking Yogorino.  I’ve heard so many people talk about how it’s the greatest thing ever, and now I feel like I can at least join the conversation with the aspects that I like about it.  But … will I ever choose it over Capo Giro?  Maybe … it depends how close I am to Capo Giro …

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8 April 2010 at 11:40pm