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have a capogiro affogato … even if it’s not on the menu

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t says:  A colleague and I hit up Capogiro for a post-lunch pick-me-up.  Anticipating a somewhat-boring afternoon, we wanted some caffeine, but also wanted an excuse to have gelato as well.  Problem solved:


This concoction of coffee/espresso and gelato wasn’t on the menu, but the gelato-dude (?gelateer? gelatorista?) was happy to concoct one for the each of us.  I went with marshmallow gelato, and the end result, while not quite in the proportions I was expecting (it was quite a good bit of gelato for a small amount of liquid … but I guess I could then reason that I was getting my mone’s worth!), was delicious.  It reminded me of a hot chocolate with marshmallow … except with coffee … leading me wonder: why don’t people routinely add marshmallow to their coffee as they do hot chocolate?  I think I might have to start!  Also, while I had never had their marshmallow before, it might just be my new second-favorite flavor!  (You can’t beat the dark chocolate.)  So check out an affogato the next time you’re there – you can get your sugar-high and caffeine-rush on all at once!

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23 November 2012 at 10:30pm

Bold Flay-vors Coming to Philly

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t says: Some people love Bobby Flay.  Some people love to hate Bobby Flay (often referencing the epic Morimoto vs. Flay battle on the original Iron Chef).  Regardless of which you are, surely you’d be interested in the spring opening of Bobby’s Burger Palace in West Philly.  As a Flay-hater, I know that I’ll definitely go and try one of these burgers in the hopes that it will single-handedly change my mind about him.  Additionally, surely my patronage will make up for all of those hurtful, sarcastic comments I’ve made about him over the years (e.g. I’m sure that “what these burgers lack in appearance, they’ll make up for in flavor”).  But, if/when the flavor doesn’t make up for it, I’ll just have to comfort myself by writing a scathing review (and visiting Capogiro that’s right around the corner … you know … the one that serves gelato and alcohol – why aren’t there more of these?) …

P.S. Yes, I do love that Tony Luke beat him in the cheesesteak throwdown and that Morimoto beat him in the recent Iron Chef America battle.

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17 February 2010 at 10:16pm