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An Ode to Bobby Flay

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k says: This is an ode to my culinary hero. I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP) just a few blocks away from our apartment. First, a little background on the topic that is so close to my heart —

I love Bobby Flay. Now, I know there is some controversy here. t himself has bashed Bobby on a few occasions, even in this very blog. And yet we’re still friends … t thinks that Bobby is inferior to Morimoto and that he was kind of a whiner in that classic Iron Chef episode where they first faced off, and similarly childish when they rematched in Japan. While I agree, it’s now over 10 years later and the new Bobby is not like that. The new Bobby makes shrimp and corn tamales that still make my mouth water one year after eating them. The new Bobby has humility. He is always a little embarrassed when he wins a Throwdown. The new Bobby knows how to share the stage and is always open to learning from others on Grill It. t will mention that Bobby is sometimes criticized for playing it safe in competitions, only sticking to the cuisine he knows best, relying heavily on southwestern flavors and his favorite chipotle. True, but who sticks to what he knows more than Morimoto? And nobody criticizes him…because it’s delicious! A robust statistical analysis will show that Bobby consistently wins in the “taste” category during Iron Chef competitions. Bobby has cultivated a style with bold and complex flavors, as evident by the Mesa Grill menu, that in my opinion is quite delicious.

Still, even Bobby knows that not every dining experience needs to be, or should be, a Mesa Grill type of event. BBP shows Bobby’s enjoyment of simple, every day foods. (I was going to write that he is “a man of the people,” but I’m pretty sure cm would laugh in my face, and rightly so.) But back to the burgers. In my opinion, there’s nothing more boring than greasy meat on bread. But Bobby takes burgers to the next level. There is watercress and avocado, goat cheese, bacon, and my favorite of all…pickles. All for just $7.50. (See my previous comment on Ladder 15.)
So…you can imagine my excitement when construction started on a BBP in my very own neighborhood. We have walked past it many times in the past few months, peeking in the window for signs of new development, and recently, for signs of the man himself. I have been scoping out the menu and have already decided that the L.A. Burger will be my first order (this also happens to be Bobby’s favorite.) I have also been contemplating what I will say to Bobby if I get the chance to meet him. I realized that I may have only a brief opportunity to speak to him. What is the perfect opening line to catch his attention? I’ve been brainstorming ideas. Any suggestions will be considered. Tomorrow is the big day…my stomach is a flutter.

A full restaurant review is forthcoming …

t says: If I see Bobby tomorrow, I’ll fight the urge to buy a burger from Supper (or a burrito from the nearby Chipotle) and challenge him to a throwdown …  But on a serious note, I’m totally down for a good burger – I hope he delivers the goods …

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5 April 2010 at 11:19pm