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my name is t, and i’m a sugar addict

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t says:  I just saw the 60minutes special featuring some sugar researchers.  Interesting stuff – it’s a shame they had to cut it down to less than 15 minutes, because I can tell the researchers had a bit more to say before Sanjay Gupta’s voice cut in.

Check it out and decide for yourself:

Toxic Sugar on 60Minutes;contentAux

Also, here’s the original 1.5 hour Lustig lecture – he’s a little abrasive here, but it’s all part of the “show”.  He has a watered down version in 2011 as well where he’s a bit nicer in delivery.

More to the point: is it time for me to start making strides towards that goal of 100 calories a day from sugar?  The AHA thinks so.  I was planning to do so when I turn 30 this year, but maybe it should be sooner?  It’s ironic, because I have some sugary posts coming up soon …

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4 April 2012 at 8:53pm