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the return to the booth at the end

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t says:  Hooray!  Hulu’s “Booth at the End” is back for season 2!  Definitely go and watch season 1 and the premier of season 2 – it’s fun!

The Booth at the End Season 2 Episode 1

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6 August 2012 at 8:01pm

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if you haven’t watched these, you should:

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t says:  Hulu’s been kind to us, freeing us from the grasp of Comcast.  On top of that, g and I also find some of the Hulu-specific programming to be pretty darn good.  While they tend to require HuluPlus in order to see the whole season, if you do happen to have it, be sure to check these out:

And, for those without HuluPlus, fear not, there’s always Kitchen Confidential, which is not a Hulu-specific special , however, I didn’t see it when it first aired.  Maybe I was just too un-cool.

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8 April 2012 at 3:42pm

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Awesomest First Day of Spring … Ever!

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t says: Today was a beautiful day in Philly.  We got together with kp and some friends and took advantage of it.  It went like this:

– Packed a cooler with ice, eating utensils and plates, and a blanket (in case we needed to sit on grass).

– Left Philadelphia at 10:40ish.  Drove to Kennett Square with the sunroof open and windows cracked.

– Arrived at Talula’s Table and purchased assorted goodies, including sandwiches (e.g. filet mignon roast beef, chicken salad, chicken pesto), yogurts, bread, cheese, pastries, and cookies.

– Walked around the cute main drag in Kennett Square – found a few places going out of business (sadness!), but did score some more Vosges chocolate!

– Traveled to Va La vineyard.  Did a tasting of 3 reds and a white (one of the reds was bonus!) which included sampling some cheeses and chocolate! As the DD, I had only two sips of each – but they were good!

– We then walked to Va La’s outdoor patio and ate the Talula’s Table food and Va La wine on their picnic table.  The girls sat on the sunny side.  The guys sat on the shady side.  The other Va La patrons who did NOT bring food sat inside and stared at us with longing eyes, green with envy.  It was … the best lunch

– Returned to Philadelphia.  Napped.

– Woke up, ate more pastries, cookies and bread.

– Watched stuff on hulu.  Wrote on the blog.

All in all – it was the awesomest first day of spring … ever!

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21 March 2010 at 1:46am