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gettin’ crazy sushi

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t says:  A little while ago, I hopped on a groupon for the new sushi eatery: Crazy Sushi.  I figured for $20, I could get $40 worth of food, which isn’t that bad of a deal.  g and I went on a Monday night and let’s just say that the sushi was a bit crazy, indeed:

now i am

We tried out some rolls like the ichiban roll and some other roll in the middle there that were both salmon-based.  As soon as this dish hit the table, we knew that we were in for a different kind of sushi …  This wasn’t the refined/elegant sushi of Zama.  This wasn’t the simple Sunday-night sushi of Tsuki.  No, this was over-the-top sushi with big fat rolls piled high with panko and goopy sauces and the like.  The problem we ran into is that all we could taste was the sauce!  And all our tongues could feel was either the dryness of the breadcrumb or the mush of the spicy salmon.  Meanwhile, the bigger pieces of fish in the centers of the roll got lost int he shuffle.  Hell, the taste of fish was actually nowhere to be found because of the sauces – which is pretty striking because that pink one in the middle looks to have a huge amount of fish.  g and I were scraping off the way-to-sweet or way-too-creamy sauces in an effort to let the purity of fish shine through.  But alas.  We failed.  BUT – on the flip side, we got full REALLY fast (those specialty rolls are filling!).

now i am

This plate had a “sashimi roll”.  This is perhaps the weirdest affront to sushi anywhere.  It’s a huge piece of salmon, but then stuffed with what seems to be ?spicy salmon? and a dollop of sauce.  Ugh.  The sauce.  Furthermore, the pieces of fish, themselves, were so gratuitous that it was a little overwhelming to take all in one bite.  I would have rather have had 6 appropriately-sized pieces of salmon by themselves – skip the other crap (but sashimi, itself, is actually very pricey on the menu)

I also ventured the yellow-tail scallion roll, which was a bit below average – it was a very petite size and the scallion had an unusual resiliency to it – must not have been fresh.  I also tried the banana tempura roll which was also rather unremarkable (?where’d the crunch go?).

In summary, I think that Crazy Sushi was a ok groupon deal – you can get some raw fish at a reasonable price.  But without it, I’d much rather go down the street and over one block to Tsuki.  No, Tsuki’s not as “crazy”, but at least I can feel the fish.  But, if you’re going with those who are still in the beginning stages of sushi and might be “in” to over-the-top dish ornaments (serious!  what’s the deal with that row of twigs near my sashimi?), this place might be fore you.  As for me … I was just happy it was BYO! (yea, that Novellum in the background is pretty much the best $10 chardonnay I’ve ever had – think Chardonnay, but without the obnoxious oak and add on a nice touch of zip.)

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8 May 2013 at 12:04am