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g & t say: We’ve had to re-organize our list by cuisine.  The old alphabetical list just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  If you want to see any of the reviews, just click on the hyperlinked text just to the right of the name of the restaurant.  May it serve you (and us) well.

Oh, and just so you know, the asterisks (*) indicate complete reviews by cast members other than g & t (we do, however, wish we had been there with them).

PHILADELPHIA (and surrounding areas):

-Amis (1)
-Barbuzzo (1, 2, 3)
-Cicheterria 19 (1)
-Davio’s (1)
-La Lolanda del Ghiottone {BYO} (1*)
-Marabella Meatball Co {BYO]} (1)
-Melograno {BYO} (1, 2, 3, 4*)
-Modo Mio {BYO} (1)
-Monsu {BYO} (1)
-Osteria (1)
-Radicchio Cafe {BYO} (1*)
-Salento {BYO} (1)
-Vetri (1*)

French & French-esque:
-Bibou {BYO} (1, 2, 3)
-Bistro St. Tropez (1-and never again)
-Bistrot La Minette (1)
-Cochon {BYO} (1, 2)
-Le Bec-Fin (1*)
-Parc (1)

The Rest of Europe:
-Amada (Suckling Pig)
-Kanella {BYO} (1, 2)
-Koo Zee Doo {BYO} (1, 2)
-Tinto (1)

American, New American, Fancy American:
-10Arts (1)
-20 Manning Grill (1) (1)
-Baby Blues (1)
-Bobby’s Burger Palace (1)
-Continental (1)
-Devil’s Alley (1)
-Farmer’s Cabinet (1)
-Fond (1, 2)
-Garces Trading Company {BYO} (1, 2)
-James (1)
-JG Domestic (1, 2*)
-Lacroix (1)
-Ladder15 (1)
-L2 (Coming Soon)
-Little Fish {BYO} (pre-hiatus, post-hiatus)
-Meritage (1, Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Tacos + Corn Dogs)
-Percy Street BBQ (1, 2, 3)
-Pumpkin (1)
-Ruth’s Chris Steak (1)
-Talula’s Garden (1)
-Sandy’s {BYO} (1)
-Smokin’ Betty’s (1)
-Supper (1, 2)
-Slate (1)
-Snackbar (1)
-Talula’s Garden (1, 2, 3)
-Talula’s Table {BYO} (Chef’s Table, Starr Pop-up, Farm Table)
-Village Whiskey (see “Brunch and Lunch“)

South of America:
-Chifa (see “from Asia“)
-Distrito (1, 2)
-Guapos Tacos (1)

from Asia (with or without “Fusion”):
-Cafe Spice (1)
-Chifa (1+2, 3)
-Han Wool (Coming Soon)
-Han Dynasty (1)
-Giwa {BYO} (Eat-in, Take-out)
-Miga (1)
-Morimoto (1, 2)
-Pod (1)
-Sampan(1, 2, 3, 4, 5-fallfromgrace)
-Szechuan Hunan {BYO} (1)
-Tyson Bee’s (1)
-Vic Sushi {BYO} (see “Brunch and Lunch“)
-Zahav (1, 2)
-Zama (1)

Brunch and Lunch:
-Amis (Bru)
-Cafe Estelle (Bru)
-Carman’s Country Kitchen {BYO} (Bru-1, Bru-2)
-Cochon {BYO} (Bru-1, Bru-2, Bru-3, Lu)
-Distrito (Bru, Lu)
-Farmicia (Bru)
-Garces Trading Company {BYO} (Bru, Lu, Scones, Bacon Maple Roll)
-Gardenia (Bru)
-Kanella (Bru)
-Meme (Bru)
-Mexicali (Lu)
-Mixto (Bru)
-Monsu (Bru)
-Parc (Bru-1, Bru-2, Lu)
-Roost (Lu)
-Sabrina’s (Bru)
-Supper (Bru)
-Village Whiskey (Lu-1, Lu-2, Lu-3)
-Vic Sushi {BYO} (Lu)
-Wedge + Fig (Bru1*,Bru2)
-Zahav (Lu1, Lu2)

Delivery / Take-out:
-Ekta (Coming Soon)
-Gusto’s (Coming Soon)
-Mix Pizzeria (1)
-Tiffin (Coming Soon)
-Szechuan Hunan (see “from Asia“)
-Jo-Jo Place (Coming Soon)

-Brown Betty (Coming Soon)
-Buttercream Cupcake Lady (1)
-Capo Giro (1)
-Garces Trading Company (1)
-Jimmies (1)
-Market Day Canele (1)
-Max Brenner Chocolate (Coming Soon)
-Naked Chocolate (Coming Soon)
-Village Whiskey (1)
-Yogorino (1)

-Bodhi Coffee (1)

-City Food Tours (food-centric activity)
-Foster Harris House (Bed and Breakfast)
-Kennett House (Bed and Breakfast)
-Tyson Bee’s (Food Truck)
-Tria (Wine Bar: 1, 2)

Other PA:
-Ibiza (Pittsburgh)
-My Ngoc (Pittsburgh)
-S & D Polish Deli (Pittsburgh)
-SixPenn (Pittsburgh)
-Tokyo (Pittsburgh)

-Ad Hoc (Wine Country – Yountville)
-Bistro Jeanty (Wine Country – Yountville)
-Boonfly Cafe (Wine Country – Napa)
-Buchon Bakery (Wine Country – Yountville)
-Burger Bar (San Francisco)
-C Casa Taqueria (Wine Country – Napa)
-Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen (Wine Country – St. Helena)
-House of Nan King (San Francisco)
-Kara’s Cupcakes (Wine Country – Napa, San Francisco)
-Kiss Seafood (San Francisco)
-Oxbow Public Market (Wine Country – Napa)
-Primavera Mexican Food (San Francisco)
-Range (San Francisco)
-Sons and Daughters (San Francisco)
-Tra Vigne (Wine Country – St. Helena)

-Pepe’s Pizza (New Haven)

-Galatoire’s Bistro (Baton Rouge)

-Sushi Hana (Towson)
-The Helmand (Baltimore)
-Towson Best (Towson)

-Cabot’s Ice Cream (Newton*)
-O Ya (Boston)

New York:
-Babbo (NYC)
-Back40 (NYC)
-Fig+Olive (NYC)
-Tabla (NYC)
-Vega (Hartsdale)

New Jersey:
-The Melting Pot (Atlantic City)
-Tokyo (Deptford)
-Tomo Sushi (Glassboro)
-Peking Buffet (Glassboro)

-all the restaurants here

-Foster Harris House (Washington)
-The Inn at Little Washington (Washington)

Castello di Amoroso
Clos Pegase
Domaine Carneros
Domaine Chandon
Sterling Vineyard

-Chaddsford Winery
-Va La Vineyards

-Gray Ghost Vineyard
Oasis Vineyard
Narmada Vineyard
-Rappahannock Cellars

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13 February 2010 at 12:00am