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Asian Double-Header

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t says:  I’ve fallen behind on posting … so let’s bring us up to speed on two nearby Asian fooderies, lightning round style …

Szechuan Hunan:  Jo Jo’s Place (i.e. “Jo Jo Pwace”) was our favorite Chinese delivery.  The fried chicken in General Tso’s was crisp.  The shrimp was perfect (i.e. not overcooked – amazing!).  They delivered at lightning speed (i.e. 20 mins)!  But then … they started sucking … big time.  Overcooked broccoli.  Fishy-smelling shrimp.  Cardboard-esque chicken.  Even the white rice was bad!  Well – enter Szechuan Hunan!  Props: Solid no-frills Chinese takeout.  Gone are the sins of Jo Jo.  g’s faith in Shrimp with Broccoli in a White Sauce is restored (it’s not on the menu – just ask for it)!  Slops: They don’t deliver as quickly as Jo Jo – but 40 mins isn’t actually that bad, right?

Wa Joe:  On Chestnut was Korean restaurant called Miran.  On one hand, g, dz, smn, and I were not that sad to see it go, as the previous manager was a tiny bit … curmudgeony.  But the food was a notch above mediocre (i.e. “solid”) and reasonably priced!  The four of us each enjoyed our dishes [despite the obvious reverse discrimination] so much so that we wanted to go back … except this time, it wasn’t called Miran anymore.  It was called “Wa Joe”.  It was opening week.  It was game time …  Props:  Everything was nice and clean and sparkling new.

Brand new table-top grill (underneath the gleeming cover).

And, in classic Asian restaurant style, there’s a blatant typo … on the cover … can you spot it?

Something is misspelled.

The kimchi was pretty good – the right balance of spice and sour.  The haemul paejun was decent, as was the dukbooki.  Slops:  The service was horrendously inept (e.g., refusal to refill water in a timely manner … even when asked; they dropped our takeout container onto the floor … and still gave it to us to use).  There were only 3 banchan – ONLY THREE!!  ha would have a fit had she been there.  And, the dealbraker: the dolsot bimbimbap was quite bland – no matter how much of the special sauce I used. … which is surprising … because a bland dolsot is like a knife to my Korean heart.  Maybe it was opening weekend jitters?  I don’t know.  Lunch Time Eats liked Wa Joe quite a bit – maybe they just happened to order the right dishes?  Regardless, I’ll have to disagree with them and say that I would gladly go to Rotisseur any day over Wa Joe!

Only 3!!!!!

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21 October 2011 at 12:08am

The Lightning Round!

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t says: As I had mentioned before, there was a lot of food consumed at restaurants recently. Rather that review each individually, here’s a super-fast highs-and-lows …

20 Manning Grill:

Props: Beef sirloin noodles. Despite having so much beef, this dish’s flavors are lively and playful; it’s also not served “hot” so that helps keep it light.  I think I didn’t order the “full” order, but boy that was more than enough – I don’t know how some people might eat more! Slops: A salad (not sure which one). g’s mom ordered a salad with grilled chicken and loved it … except that the plate they had used was so small and the salad so heaping that there was no way to cut the chicken without having some greens escape to the table. The weird part is that even the server admitted, “Yea, it’s such a pretty dish, but it’s not practical …” – then why do they use it?

Village Whiskey:

Props: BBQ pork sandwich. Yea – it’s ridiculously good – probably better than their burgers (in my opinion) and almost as good as the short rib cheddar fries.  It’s as good as Cochon’s (but different – Cochon’s is saltier, while VW’s is sweeter). Slops: Our server was obviously let down that we weren’t ordering “enough” – and his attitude showed it.  Yes – we’re splitting burgers. No – we’re not ordering drinks.  And no – we’re not ordering desserts, either. So yes, “that’s all”.  And your passive-aggressive, like-a-teenager-not-allowed-to-take-the-car-for-the-night attitude won’t change our minds.  Deal with it, or the next time, I’ll order a single burger for a party of 8.


Props: Dukboki – the best I’ve had in a restaurant. Overall, the food tasted good enough for mom to admit it was the better than Giwa or Han Wool. Slops: Dolsot bibimbap was not as good as Giwa’s version with the eel.

Szechuan Hunan:

Props: The food was solid take-out Chinese food. Slops: The food was solid take-out Chinese food.


Props: The BLT and french fries. Slops: Italian sausage (i.e. a hot dog).


Props: The Tomato Pie (the second time we had it) had some fresh tomato, a great crust, and a not-too-sweet a sauce. Slops: We’ve had some of their other pizzas that are only “ok”. The margherita is very hit-or-miss.

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25 July 2010 at 8:52pm