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Vic Sushi: No Dog-Fights, Just Fish

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t says: There’s a small place near us that serves some reliably tasty sushi rolls. We’ve been to Vic Sushi a couple of times and have never been disappointed with whatever we ordered. Yes, it’s small. Yes, the AC doesn’t always work spectacularly. Yes, the lunchtime crowd can sometimes be too large to sit through. But, when g and I are in the mood for a couple of quick rolls at an off-peak hour without breaking the bank, we pop in, get their 3-rolls-for-$10 deal and a specialty roll, and we’re good-to-go! While I’m well aware that rolls aren’t the best way to gauge sushi – but my mouth and wallet know what they like, so we’ll be back for more fo’ sho’.

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5 May 2010 at 1:36am