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Chloe and Wedge+Fig make us smile

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t says:  continuing the a + v dinner series

a says:  First, Chloe …
We’ve been a fan of Chloe for awhile and visit it every few months… if they decide to open.  We’ve also wanted to bring my parents there since it is convenient and delicious. Everything came together a few weeks ago for what was our best meal there, yet. It’s no wonder they have lasted this long (over 10 years) and earned a reputation as Old City’s best bistro.

April 2012, Friday Dinner, Party of 4.  We ordered almost exclusively from the specials menu which mainly consisted of appetizers and small plates. We find the appetizers to be stronger at Chloe, plus we get to try more items. Standouts included a well executed potato leak soup that had great potato flavor without any mealiness. The leak could have been more pronounced and the Vichyssoise at GTC still owns the top spot for potato based soups.  (side note to GTC: Why, oh why, did you take this off the lunch menu?  [g interjects from nowhere: Yea!  The first time I noticed it wasn’t on the menu, I was SO sad!  t joins in: She was almost in tears … g fights back: Shut up!])  A luscious gnocchi in a venison and pork ragu hit all the right notes along with my entree, halibut with a potato, bacon, and lobster hash – I’m pretty sure that’s all the “bait” you can fit in one cohesive dish. I’d say this is one of my favorite entrees from the past few months though nothing about it was nuanced, just damn satisfying. v’s salad with grapefruit, avocado, and fennel was fresh, interesting, and more subtle than the other dishes. If you find yourself in Old City, consider Chloe for inventive, modern American cuisine… just pray they’re open. (n.b. They do not take reservations and are byob.)

Next, Wedge + Fig … x 2 …
April 2012, Brunch, Party of 4.  Still one of the best places to enjoy a bottle of wine (byob) while enjoying the outdoors. We went with the cheese board special of the day which introduced us to some interesting takes on old standards. I had the “Jawn” sandwich (butter-fried turkey, pork roll, cheddar, jalepeño-dijon aioli, and red onion on pretzel bread) and can honestly say it was that jawn: A great take on what makes a sandwich uniquely Philly while not being heavy or overpowering. The saltiness of the pretzel bread is a nice touch but I think the pork roll could have had more oomph.

v takes over from here:  May 2012, Brunch, Party of 3.  On our most recent visit, the service continues to improve as does the decor, chairs, and most importantly, the food. The portion sizes are a bit bigger than when the restaurant first opened. As temperatures continue to rise, Wedge + Fig has made some subtle changes to ensure comfort in the back garden. This is one of the quietest, most relaxing places in Philadelphia. The sound of the small fountain and the high walls block any ambient noise that may come from the bustle of the city. As for the food, it just keeps getting better and more satisfying. I ordered my favorite brunch dish at Wedge + Fig, the lox and cream cheese. It is one of freshest, lightest versions of this classic I’ve had at any restaurant. Not surprisingly, a ordered the panini of the day (PoD) – dubbed the “John Wayne” –  buttermilk blue cheese, ham, bacon, fried egg, apples, and whole grain mustard on rustic white bread. This was one helluva breakfast sandwich, not for the faint of heart. The cheese was extremely creamy, the apple cut the richness of the cheese, and the fried egg brought everything together.  As always, we left Wedge+Fig content, happy, and above all, relaxed.

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7 June 2012 at 9:57pm

The Wedge + Fig Takeover

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v says:  Just wanted to talk Wedge + Fig which took over OC Cheese Shop. According to the waiter, one of the new owners used to own Flying Monkey in Reading Terminal. The new ownership has brought this location more focus. Dining is the focus now, whereas before the focus wasn’t clear. They still have a nice selection of cheese, which seems reasonably priced. Their selection doesn’t compete with DiBruno’s or Garces, but would definitely suffice in a pinch.

Overall the food was simple yet good, light yet filling. The service was still working out some of its kinks, but generally accomodating  and very nice. The draw here is both the simple food and the relaxing ambience. This is by far the most relaxing dining experience I’ve had since living in Central America.  The fruit plate was very good, the lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel was great!

They do have a corkage fee of 4$ for brunch, but not for dinner. This is not the place you would go with a bottle of vodka and bloody mary mix. Stick to champagne, wine, and possibly beer.

a says:  I agree with v’s assessment. My omelet of the day, with mushrooms, peppers, and chicken sausage, was well executed and plated.  I think the flavor could “pop” a bit more but I have faith this will come. Also, the music selection was on-point, if you enjoy mainstream classical. All-in-all, a great way to spend Sunday (or any day) brunch when the weather is on your side.

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19 June 2011 at 7:57pm