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Odes to Kitchen Equipment

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t says: We’re going to start up a new category of posts on the after dinner sneeze.  Sorry to disappoint, but it won’t feature poems – only more of the same stream-of-consciousness prose that’s on the rest of the blog.  But this time, we’re talking about things, not food. Ever since we we got married, g and I have come across some interesting and not-so-interesting pieces of equipment.  We’ve decided to showcase a few items here as a way to pay homage to their makers.  We can’t live without these.  Some of these will be weird. Some these will be obvious, but are loved for reasons you wouldn’t expect.  Some of these will be just plain obvious.

Here’s our top 5 …

5) Calphalon Non-stick Pans

4) Gravity-Activated Salt and Pepper Shakers/Grinders

3) Sharp Knives

2) Rice Cookers

1) Microplane Zesters/Graters

Honorable mention: Dutch ovens

Written by afterdinnersneeze

10 March 2010 at 8:28pm

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