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S & D Polish Deli: Real Polish Pierogi

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t says: While we were in the strip district, we happened to walk into this Polish deli which had red and white flags everywhere, a couple of aisles of Polish ingredients (or, in some cases, just some garlic powder) and a deli.  I knew I wasn’t leaving this place without putting something in my mouth.  As I perused the deli’s offerings, I spotted that they also had pierogi made to order (apparently pierogi is the plural, and pierog is singular)!

I asked the guy for a single order or pierogi .  He asked what kind?  I didn’t know there were “kinds” … silly me.  I asked for his suggestion and he recommend cheddar-and-potato, saying it was “classic”.  I went for it.

Holy crap they were good.  It was like gnocchi met ravioli met cheddar cheese.  The sauteed onions in the sauce were so sweet.  It was a perfectly simple dish – no super-complicated combination of flavors that evolved in your mouth – just plain ol’ goodness.  You know – I really don’t have much to compare these to, as I’ve only had pierogi sold in a super-market in the frozen food section.  Ok, so these are WAY better than those, but that’s not saying much.

Also, I can now inform g’s dad of the location of this pierogi treasure chest.  He’s quite the fan.  S & D better be ready, because the next time he visits Pittsburgh, he might show up with an empty cooler and ask them to fill ‘er up.

Written by afterdinnersneeze

15 May 2010 at 12:11am

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