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SixPenn: Choco-taco on Steroids

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t says: After watching Young Frankenstein in Pittsburgh, we stopped in at SixPenn for some snacks and drinks.  We had some macaroni and cheese (that were “ok”) and some home-made pretzels (also “ok”).  BUT … let me tell you about their dessert …

In honor of Cinco de Mayo (even though it was May 6th when we went), the chefs whipped up a “chocolate taco”.  I figured “chocolate taco” – how could I go wrong?  Actually, in my mind, the only question was “just how right could they go?”.

When it came to the table, it looked so cool that I broke my I-don’t-take-photos-in-restaurants rule.

If this taco could talk, it'd say "I bet you couldn't stop yourself from eating me even if you wanted to."

The shell was like a freshly made waffle cone coated in chocolate.  The “inside” was super soft, super creamy ice cream with leaves of mind and finely diced strawberry (looks like tomato, right?).  Sure, the presentation is gimicky as hell, but my mouth was so pleased that I didn’t care.  I actually can’t recall what the dipping sauce was (I didn’t use it), and I think the ice cream might have had a little hint of orange flavor.  I have to find a reason to visit again next Cinco de Mayo.

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15 May 2010 at 12:35am

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