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Percy Street BBQ: Father’s Day Success!

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t says: We went to Percy Street for Father’s Day (we celebrated it a day early).  Our dad, sr, liked it once already, so we figured that bringing two dads and their respective families at the same time would be a nice challenge for Percy Street.  Because we’ve covered it already – here’s the short version …

6/2010, 5pm, Party of 8. Percy Street easily handled our party, seating us all at a long table near the windows.  Although the AC was on, they also opened the windows, so the restaurant was a little on the warm side.  I would have preferred it if they attempted to save the planet and their money and just close the windows!  Why do Philly restaurants insist on doing this?  If it’s hot enough that you need to turn on the air conditioning, then it’s too hot to open the windows!!  One, or the other … not both!

The food, on the other hand, was excellent.  We got the Lockhart for the table.  All the meat was tender and had delicious smokiness.  The pork belly was still phenomenal.  They also had a new spicy bbq sauce that was very good!  As before, the sides were solid, but not necessarily to-die-for.  Finally, the desserts were all great as well, with the majority of the table going for the berry cobbler and me going for the bing cherry ice cream sandwich.

You know, nothing brings together families like eating with your fingers and getting spicy sauce all over the place.  The fact that all the food was delicious, plentiful, and not horrendously expensive ($24 pp) was icing on the cake.  I sense that Percy Street has set a new bar for Father’s Day get-togethers.

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19 June 2010 at 9:55pm

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