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Top Chef vs. SYTYCD, Talula’s Table, and Father’s Day

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t says: Top Chef DC debuted last night.  That Kevin dude from the Philly area (i.e. Jersey), has quite a resume – I’ll cheer for him.  That Angelo guy needs to be put in his place.  In any case, I hope you watch!  We’ll be watching So You Think You Can Dance on Wednesdays, but I’ll catch Top Chef on the re-run (it used to be on at 10pm – why’d they change a good thing?)

Talula’s Table is coming to Philly for three nights at the end of June courtesy of Stephen Starr.  Personally, I feel like now that Aimee doesn’t have Bryan holding her down (zing!), maybe she’s testing out whether she wants to come back to the city.  Of course, this is entirely speculative and I’d say has a 51% of being false, but we can dream, right?  In any case, I snagged some reservations, so we’ll see how it’s done!

Lastly … here we go … it’s Father’s Day.  g and I are going to test Percy Street BBQ and see if it can stand up to two of the least critical food critics ever … our dads!  It’ll be a double-family event (and celebrated a day early on Saturday).  I hope they don’t try to open the windows because it’s forecasted to be hot and humid.  Air conditioning, please!

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17 June 2010 at 8:43am

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