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I Saw Mario On My Lunch Break!

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g says: Okay, this is so last week, but I just had a moment to share this bit of news…

Eataly, Mario Batali’s new “temple to Italian food” (or whatever he is calling it – it’s a market with every kind of prepared and unprepared Italian food you can imagine) opened just around the corner from my office, so I decided to take a peek inside on my lunch break. It is enormous and extremely crowded, and I totally felt from every patron around me exactly how Mario describes Italian people shopping for food (see our cooking quotes page).

I contemplated waiting in line for a sandwich or gelato until I was overwhelmed with claustrophobia and decided to instead quickly look around and then make a run for it. As I worked my way through the crowd toward the 23rd street exit, I did a double-take, as I spotted the unmistakable red-haired iron chef himself, heading toward me. (I’m good at spotting food people… remember Stephen Starr and Pierre Calmels?) He excused himself by dozens of people at a time, and all I could do was step out of his way and stare, starstruck. It took all of my might to keep moving and act cool; I desperately wanted to snap an action shot of him with my iphone, but the moment passed.

No one else seemed to notice that we were in the presence of greatness, but in Manhattan I guess people are used to celebrity sightings. I, however, am not, and I plan to return again soon to better assess the food situation (which looks promising!) – anyone want to join me?

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9 September 2010 at 8:07am

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  1. v says: Ahh. What I would have done to see him! He was actually a Rutgers student and keynote speaker at my graduation. We’ll have to take a trip to Stuff Yer Face, where it all started for him as the “frier” cleaner.


    9 September 2010 at 9:15am

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