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Bodhi Coffee: Almost Perfect

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a says: Bodhi Coffee is a wonderful cafe in Headhouse Square that comes close to perfection. I love their location, ambiance, and (most important) coffee. The hand-pour cups are strong, flavorful, and balanced – without bitterness. (They serve Stumptown Coffee, arguably the best cult bean purveyor and roaster around.) The staff is always welcoming and happy to explain their technique. However, like so many good cafes in Philadelphia, their furniture/chairs just aren’t that comfortable. I know cafes must walk a fine line between keeping customers comfortable and not encouraging “loitering.” Drinking a good cup of coffee is a chance to re-energize, which takes time. I hope they consider a few comfy chairs for their loyal customers and achieve cafe nirvana.

N.B. I just read an NYT article that revealed the other side of the coin: “‘A coffee shop should be a place to meet your friends and hold conversations and cultivate ideas instead of — I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, so I have to be careful — instead of sticking your head in a laptop,’ said Mark Connell, who owns Bluebird (a cafe) with his wife, Jessica.”  Though I recognize the utility of the “coffee bar” movement, there is still a need for a comfortable, neighborhood cafe to share the company of others or read a good book.

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12 September 2010 at 9:50pm

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