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Aimee headed back home (i.e. Philly) …

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t says: Aimee Olexy will be heading back to her rightful home, Philadelphia.  Ok, I understand that that may not be a completely factual statement, as I have no idea where Aimee’s actual “home” is – but who cares – she’s coming back to Philly!  Yay!

BUT, I must express some reservations, as she is partnering with Mr. Starr, which makes me uneasy.  I suspect that gone will be the days of the tiny, cramped BYO that had originally attracted us to them; Stephen doesn’t really “do” low-key like Django.  And that Washington Square space, while very cool, was more chic bawler than farm-to-table – of course, we’ll see what they do with it.  Maybe this is a grown-up farm-to-table concept (like JG Domestic) – one that requires money and that people want “to be seen” in.  Nothing’s set in stone, and you bet that g and I will be there to give it a whirl!

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15 November 2010 at 11:36am

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