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Farmicia also made me a liar!

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t says: g and I were caught down in the Old City area one weekend and stopped by Farmicia for brunch.  When we were finished with the meal, all I can say is that we kind of wished we hadn’t stopped.  Because it was so “unremarkable” as g stated, we’re just going to cut straight to the chase:

2/2011, Sunday Brunch, Party of 2. I had a French Toast Scrapple sandwich.  Sounds great right?  Some French toast.  Some pig-product.  Get some syrup up in there.  It’s gotta be a winner!  Wrong!  The scrapple was a disgrace.  The outside was as mushy as the inside – a huge faux pas!  And the meat (if you call it that) was quite bland!  But that wasn’t the weird part – I had had bad scrapple before.  The weird part was that the French toast was … ?bland?.  I’m not even sure if bland is the right word to use, but it really had no taste – maybe “insipid” is better.  It tasted like bread, which was weird because I clearly saw that it had been French-ified.  But there were no notes of egg, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, nothing!  I doused my sandwich with strawberry jam to, one, make it taste better, and two, make it seem like it was bleeding (when my food isn’t tasty, my mind wanders …), but no amount of sweetness or humor could rescue the sad sad sandwich.

g had the crabcake sandwich.  When I asked her how it was, these were her words: “it’s a crabcake sandwich.”  No adjectives used at all.  Perhaps this is a good thing because all of the adjectives for mine were negative.

So what’s the point of a post like this?  Well, it’s not just to rant and rave – there are enough of those bloggers out there already.  I want to share with you a troubling realization.  It happened as we were sitting there.  I had just told g how boring the food tasted – and not a microsecond after I got the words out of my mouth, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the waiter was a mere 4 steps away, coming to ask us how everything was.  I literally turned my head from g, to whom a moment earlier I had been complaining about my food, and told him, “everything’s good, thanks.”  I lied.  I’m a liar.  I kind of shocked myself.  g gave me a wide-eyed look of accusation; her face said, “you are one of those people!”.  She was referencing a time that good ‘ol a had pointed out that I was a liar back when we visited Baby Blues, when I told the waitress a similar comment despite having obvious reservations about the food … but never had I gone straight from saying one thing to saying another so quickly.  This realization makes me feel dirty and guilty all over …

… but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some Cochon French toast (now Cochon douses their French toast in peanut butter and jelly) …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

7 March 2011 at 6:20pm

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  1. If you drink enough of the half-priced brunch happy hour drinks maybe you won’t notice?

    Also, I went to Smokin’ Betty’s today and I thought of you t while I was eating my Turducken burger.


    7 March 2011 at 9:11pm

    • We went there! We didn’t get the Turducken burger though … how was it?

      Also, we’re going to have to get our newest contributor, lc, to jog our memory.


      8 March 2011 at 5:39pm

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