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Our lost visit to Smokin’ Betty’s

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t says: We went to Smokin’ Betty’s some time ago, but apparently forgot that we went up until we got a comment from one of our faithful readers …  Actually, g and I remembered very little of the visit, so we’ll let our dinnermate, lc, tell you the story in her words … with my edits in italics …

lc says: Didn’t you order some kind of ridiculous dessert that was really good? <sounds like me>

We went the day before Thanksgiving (… and I walked around and past the building multiple times because they have no prominent sign and dim lighting makes the windows look dark.  I was embarrassed but you guys thought it was hysterical.)  I think there was some kind of turkey special, but I can’t remember if anyone got it.  Also, I think there was a bucket of fries in there that I took home but never ended up finishing.

Looking at the menu now…  I had BBQ sliders.  All three were delicious but it was weird we couldn’t identify which meat was in each after they were smothered in sauce.  <oh yea!  I remember that – that was weird!>  You may have had the Betty Burger, which does have pork belly, fried egg, and avocado <I’m pretty sure I had that – I think the accompaniments were fantastic, but the burger itself was only “good”.  Of course, adding pork belly to anything usually raises its goodness by a point, so it’s now “above-good”.>.  I can’t remember what g had; maybe it was a special from the board <She can’t remember either initially she thought maybe she got the sliders?>.  There is in fact a bucket of fries on the menu.  And I vowed if I got to go back I would get the Turducken Burger.  Dessert may have been the triple chocolate layer cake, or it might have been a more mysterious special from the board.  I think it was very chocolate, though.  <Aha!!  The chocolate cake.  I remember it being kind of pricey for just a slice of cake – it was very chocolatey, and I think I liked the icing/filling more than the cake itself, which was kind of bleh.>

I know I had the Ace Perry cider, and it was really good.  Apple and pear blended, instead of just apple, was very refreshing.  I think g had some kind of yummy drink as well, but I can’t remember.  Maybe she just considered one.

I seem to remember that they played some pretty interesting “old alternative” music while we were there… Funny that they dialed in to the kind of music we listened to in high school–we’re actually not THAT old!  <We’re old as dirt.  Nirvana was still cool back then, and Green Day had just come out.>They had a lot of door/windows that probably open up when the weather’s warm, but it was too cold that day.

And that’s all I can remember.  I hope you can flesh it out with more details for your readers.  <Yea – without your prompts, I had nothing.  So thanks for your memory!  So when we goin for that Turducken burger?  Caitlin liked it – see the comment on this post.>

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8 March 2011 at 5:41pm

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  1. The turducken burger was yummy! It was huge and I ate it with a fork which I almost never do but between the cranberry sauce (which was so sweet and tart at the same time, just like homemade on Thanksgiving) and the stuffing and the gravy I couldn’t even comprehend how to fit it in my hand much less my mouth. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the duck. I don’t know if it was mixed in the patty or what, but I couldn’t identify it. But then again I didn’t really care. The sweet potato fries were also yummy. Nice and thin and crispy. They also have a special right now, homemade hot cider with a shot of caramel vodka and I would say go right now and get it. Best thing ever.


    8 March 2011 at 6:28pm

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