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Hugh from Top Chef Drops some Knowledge

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t says:  I’m still not a fan of this season of Top Chef Masters.  None of the characters have that combo of chef and tv personality that I can really get excited about.

That said, one of the cheftestants (ugh – hate that word), Hugh (the dude with the fierce uni-brow) did have an interaction with new host, Curtis Stone (this guy seems like he’s everywhere!!) that I appreciated.  Let me set the stage: Hugh wound up in the bottom three and claimed that he tailored his dish to suit [what he considered to be] an unsophisticated crowd, essentially blaming the target audience for the reason why his food wasn’t that novel.

Curtis Stone:  “So, Hugh, do you cook down to people?”
Hugh-the-Unibrow:  “You gonna pay the bill? … Yeah I’ll cook down to you – anytime!”

This reminds me a lot of what I was saying in one of my older posts: when tough times strike, you gotta do what you gotta do (i.e. give the customers what they want).  In any case, Curtis was very up-in-arms about this retort (or, at least, that’s what the show’s producers will have you believe).  Perhaps Chef Stone has forgotten what it’s like to not be a good-looking, foreign-accented, famous celebri-chef – someone who’s just trying to get by?  In any case, Hugh did avoid getting sent home, so maybe he’ll be my new fave on the show … but someone get that guy a pair of tweezers, or some wax, or some threading, or something (hell – even a pair of clippers would work for his unibrow right now!).

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30 May 2011 at 6:59pm

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