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t says:  Today, g and I went to a shnazzy men’s tailor/?boutique? so that I could get measured for a custom suit.  I have some interviews coming up in the fall and want clothes that fit.  My frame is the annoying combination of short and gangly (so department stores often make me sad).  What was a little hilarious (especially if they’re reading this right now) was that, unprovoked, the folks there mentioned that they knew we had a “food and lifestyle blog”.  Yikes – I forgot that I sometimes leave the blog in my signature in emails!  This made a few thoughts pop into my head:

1)  The idea of this blog addressing “lifestyle” topics at first struck me as weird.  I thought, “Gee, we deal with food, not lifestyle.”  And then I realized that food is our lifestyle … so this was followed by a second thought: “Gee, we should probably expand our lifestyle a little more.”

2)  The words “food” and “blog”, when placed adjacent to one another, scares me.  To me, it evokes thoughts of authoritative, well-visited blogs like foobooz, messy-and-picky, etc.  Compared to those, this little slice of cyberspace real estate is best likened to one of those apartments in the basement of a dilapidated rowhouse … it serves a purpose, but it ain’t pretty.  Actually, we’re not really sure if anyone besides our family bothers to read it regularly (but we’re thrilled if you do!!).

3)  The last thought was “Oh crap!  Someone has associated us with our blog!” … aanndd our blog ain’t pretty (after all, I did just liken it to a rowhouse basement) since the free wordpress accounts don’t allow for a customized look.  Result: g’s convinced that we may have to sit down and do some actual site design rather than rely on the free wordpress schemes like we have been.  We’re working on it …

Oh … and where was it that we went?  I don’t want to spill the beans quite yet ’til the suit materializes (get it? materialize?).  But I can say that they get an A+ thus far for their niceness and hospitality.

Here’s a peek of what’s to come …

Tight herringbone in charcoal (you can barely see the herringbone, but you get a "sense" that something stripy is going on here) ... and a simple grey striped liner.

Our choices are definitely less sexy than what these guys are used to (they have some beautiful suits in the boutique), but all I needed/wanted was a basic, conservative suit – something that says “confident soon-to-be-doctor” and not “soon-to-be-Doctor-90210”.

But … my next suit will be sexier … I promise.

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31 May 2011 at 12:52am

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  1. ha says: I’m glad you are getting conservative style suit instead sexy look. I like to see you as more elegant and conservative style instead newest or sexy style. But this is my opinion only. I know, I know you are 28 years old— :)


    2 June 2011 at 12:27am

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