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Dear L’Oca … [ADDENDED]

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[t says: the following post was addended when I finally remembered where I had heard of L’Oca before …]

t says:  Dear Chef(s) at L’Oca,

Greetings!  It has come to my attention that, in my absence, you took it upon yourself to flatter my wife and her [unavailable] female friends with a little bit of pick-up artistry this past Saturday evening.  First off, allow me to say that I appreciate that you have found my wife and her friends to be attractive women – I completely agree with your assessment.  Additionally, while I, myself, was not so fortunate as to witness your deft display of masculinity and food knowledge (or whatever else comprises your A-game … did you really brag about your restaurant’s “fresh pasta”?), I must confess an admiration for what I can only describe as “ballsiness” in your attempt to pursue women at an establishment that is not your own … especially when that establishment is hipper/tastier/better than yours (i.e. Barbuzzo).  Be that as it may, I must congratulate you on your two-bell upgrade, as this suggests that your food cookery is superior to your female-directed flirtations.  However, since they have provided us all with quite a chuckle, they, too, may be praiseworthy in their own way.

Finally, the adsz looks forward to visiting your eatery and tasting your food.  Maybe the three women with their three partners should all go together?  We can all laugh about this over a glass of wine.  But don’t worry – we’ll leave our friends with gluten, dairy, and/or seafood allergies at home; I wouldn’t want to upset you like the reviewer at the bottom of this page.

Wait a second – is your restaurant open still?  Didn’t it close after a few of your indiscretions? If it has re-opened (and you’ve controlled your fondness of the bottle), then that deserves a congratulations as well.  Unfortunately, after reviewing that post and the comments below, I regret to have to inform you that my wife is a little skived out.  It might be a while before we visit …

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16 September 2011 at 9:18pm

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