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Roost Charms a True Southerner

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kp says:  I went to Roost (West Philadelphia). It is a delivery/pick up restaurant (no seating) that serves Local Organic Chicken in two varieties. Rotisserie and Fried forms.  I tried the Fried Chicken (one Leg and 1 breast piece). The meat was overwhemingly succulent, juicy and perfectly seasoned (hints of buttermilk, paprika and garlic). The crust on the chicken was the best I’ve had in the City. The first bite gives an amazing crunch with hints of black pepper, salt and cornmeal. It was evenly browned and just right in terms of texture and flavor. Now my cousin ordered the chicken tenders which were massive (nice big thick chunks- a good breading to protein ratio) and again the crunch and meat were spectacular. However, they do need sauce (not as moist since there is no bone and its all white meat); they have a selection of sauces to accompany it- bbq, ranch, honey mustard, etc. Along with the succulent chicken were some standard sides (they serve greens, smashed potatoes w/ grarvy, mac & cheese, biscuits, coleslaw). We tried the biscuits– a little too dense, needed more air and fluffiness, but the right amount of butter and buttermilk.  The smashed potatoes were nice and buttery but like the biscuits- too dense.  The gravy is very underwhelming, it was basically the pan drippings from the rotisserie chicken without the benefit of added roux, etc to make a better gravy (definitely gonna skip next time).  The mac and cheese gravy was a gooey cheesy dream. They definitely above and beyond the regular form with added flavor of paprika and garlic.  The macaroni was perfectly cooked (not to soft and not al dente)- the way your grandma would serve it and so good you would slap her too! (t interjects: sorry for those who don’t understand this reference – we here at adsz do not condone the slapping of grandmas – only joking about it)

As for the service, the front staff were friendly and knoweledgable and profusely apologized when i asked for sweet potato fries (they were out).  However, a little forgetful: they forgot the sauce for our chicken tenders.

The location is perfect because you can pick up your order, walk by the gas station and pick up some sodas or water (or if classy like g & t then bring a nice wine pairing) and take the stuff to Clark Park for an old fashioned Southern Picnic (minus the humidity and hillbillies).  Personally, I’d make Sweet Tea Vodka (don’t worry t, it will have no fizz).

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17 September 2011 at 7:52pm

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  1. I like my picnics with hillbillies


    19 September 2011 at 12:32pm

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