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Wedge and Fig Revisit

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t says:  g, v, a, d, and I all went to Wedge and Fig the other day (more people were also there, but they are as of yet un-lettered).  a and v went there a while ago and enjoyed themselves.  We gave it a whirl for brunch.  Here’s what we saw and what we ate …

8/2011.  Saturday Brunch.  Party of ?8?.  g and I got there early.  That’s a fairly uncommon occurrence [when I’m the one responsible for keeping track of time].  We killed time by snapping a few iPhone pics.

Bacon Lattice Mac and Cheese

While we didn’t sample the mac and cheese, how could it possibly be bad?  Well – you might have a heart attack for consuming 6 strips of bacon on top of cheese-laden carbs, but you’d enter the afterlife with a smile on your face.

Strawberries and chocolate in a giant cake.

We actually ended up getting some cake at the end of our meal – it was pretty good.  The strawberry preserve layers (it’s hard to see them in the pic) made the cake pretty moist (but it was still a bit crumbly).  Icing was good – not too sweet.  One slice could definitely serve 2 people (I think our table split two slices?)

The hidden outdoor seating area ...

If you enter this door right next to Wedge and Fig, you gain access to a little open backyard area.  Super-cute.  Having a tiny party back here would be wonderful!  Get some lights up in there, get some good food (?do they do dinner?) and have yourself a dinner party not at your home (i.e. someone else cleans up).

French toast pudding with raspberry (and some syrup, butter, and fruit).

That slab of “French toast bread pudding” was heavenly.  Just the right amount of “mushiness” (I like bread puddings closer to bread than pudding) and tart raspberries throughout.  It was hard to tell if it was an especially chunky raspberry preserves, but I think it was actual raspberry that had cooked down some in the preparation.  It’s a shame that the accompanying fruit was kind of under-ripe.

A tribute to a Philly hero/controversy: the "Joey Vento Omelette"

We had visited right after Joey Vento had passed.  In honor of this Philly icon, the owner of one of Philly’s most touristy cheesesteak joints, they put together this cheesesteak-themed omelette.  g had it.  (Obviously, I, was too busy satisfying my sweet tooth to be bothered with ribeye and cheese).  Others at our table had it, too.  It seems like they were satisfied with the preparation – and even if they weren’t, it’s not like they were going to dis’ a dish named after a fallen Philadelphian.

In summary, the food was tasty and reasonably priced.  Sure, it’s not perfection-on-a-plate (and the server’s a little weird – friendly and competent and we like him – but still weird), but they are taking jabs every now and then to push things beyond the boring.  Good for them!  We look forward to seeing their outdoor space in action …

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20 September 2011 at 2:24pm

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