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cm+k do Amada for Resto-Week

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cm says:  some thoughts: overall a great meal.  one of the better deals in restaurant week as each person gets to order 5 dishes.  everything was very good but the favorites are outlined here.

-gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) – shrimp served in sizzling hot oil flavored with hot peppers, lots of garlic, and lime.  seems so simple but the shrimp burst with flavor.  k’s favorite dish.
-ensalada verde (green salad) – another seemingly simple dish but oh so good. spicy arugula, asparagus, fava beans, green beans, avocado, and a light, bright vinagrette.  even in a meal of stronger flavors a standout dish.
-escalavida – a quartet of veggies served with thin toasts topped with herbed goat cheese.  onions cooked down to sweet greatness, limey eggplant with a deep flavor (even though i typically don’t like eggplant), confit tomatoes bursting with flavor, and melt-in-your-mouth roasted peppers.  delicious.
-setas a la plancha (wild mushrooms cooked on grill) – probably my favorite dish.  it is amazing the texture and flavor wild mushrooms could add.  not your typical button mushrooms.  grilled perfectly and served with an herbed oil, i could have eaten a boat full of these.  these stood up favorably even against seafood and meat, i really do think mushrooms can be so great.
-scallops a la plancha – also cooked perfectly, so tasty.  not too soft, not too chewy, perfectly al dente.  also served with herbed oil and lemon.
-esparragos con trufas – grilled asparagus served with a soft poached egg and truffles.  the poached egg melted into the truffle to become a luxurious sauce topping perfectly grilled asparagus.
-pastel de chocolate – flourless chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate-hazelnut caramel – don’t really think i need to describe it to know how good it is.

okay so the “favorites” were actually 7 of the 10 dishes but that is how good everything was.  even the other 3 were eaten up quickly andhappily.

great meal as usual with mr. garces.

t says:  Agh, g and I have got get back to Amada …

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2 October 2011 at 4:30pm

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