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Cochon’s gunning for t’s heart

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t says:  Normally, when I look at a menu, there are usually 2 apps and 2 entrees that scream my name.  Guessing what my picks will be for any given meal is not a particularly difficult task – g knows what I’m going to eat within 30 seconds of opening a menu.  The dishes I gravitate to typically involve some kind of animal (pig > cow >> bird > fish), heartily cooked veggies, heavy pastas (e.g., gnocchi), etc.  Cochon has always had more than others by virtue of hiding pig in all kinds of dishes (including ice cream).  Well now they’ve gone and done the ridiculous … they’ve created a menu where I want to try every single dish.  Check it on foobooz.  Plus I see a scallop app and hanger steak entree with g’s name on it.  kp, you ready?  j, you in town?

g says:  i like the little note at the bottom of the menu: “vegetarian option upon request”

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3 October 2011 at 4:32pm

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  1. GASP… that menu looks awesome! Perhaps I will have to visit soon….


    4 October 2011 at 11:08am

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