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Matyson gets some new visitors.

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t says:  g was super-excited by an updated Matyson menu – but we hesitated in making a reservation … a and v did not … neither did kp.  It was good though, because now we know whether or not we should go – here’s what they have to say about their [separate] visits.

kp says:  I had the Pork Belly with Kimchi which was not okay. The pork belly itself was described as having some spice (gochujang); however, it really had no flavor and no definetly no heat. The cucumber kimchi was not kimchi at all – no sour or heat, just a cucumber that may have been semi pickled – and not even crispy. The cilantro was some kind of micro kind that again had no flavor. The only saving quality was the pork belly itself was crisped up nicely.

Now the entree was much better!  Crispy Skin Red Drum Fish with black eye peas in a mild coconut curry.  The skin of the fish was expertly crisped to perfection (almost as delicious as chicken skin).  The meat itself was perfectly cooked through with delicate flaking. The black eyed peas (especially for a Southerner) was cooked to “just done-ness” (not mushy) with adequate flavors of hints of curry and coconut. The collard greens were not bitter whatsoever but could have used some kind of meat flavoring (bacon preferably).

I ordered the Coconut Cream Pie which was a heavenly dream. The filling itself was delicately fluffed and had crisped brown coconut that accented the creamy coconut. The macadameian crust was perfection with a beautiful full nutty flavor. The accompanying caramel was a nice sweet finish to each bite.

a says:  Very good though v and I were not blown away. Many good flavors, all proteins/fish were well prepared, and they took some risks. However, the risks didn’t always pay off and we felt some dishes lacked harmony as did the courses of the tasting menu. Some flavors were from southeast Asia, some from the Caribbean, and some the near east – all quite good but not always coming together perfectly. I’m also pretty sure most would find the portions small. The tasting menu is a good way to taste multiple dishes and the whole table doesn’t have to order it.

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5 October 2011 at 4:25pm

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