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Screw You, Snow!

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t says:  So it decided to be cold and miserable out today.  Boooooooo!  Annoyed with the cold, g and I resolved to stay inside … then we realized we had no food.  So we resolved to go outside … to Village Whiskey.

10/2011, 3pm Saturday, Party of 2.  We sat at the bar-table-things in the back.  Not before long, we were elbow-deep in deliciosity.

Oh short-rib-cheddar-fries ... it's been too long!

Trust us … as good as it looks in the pic – it’s even better in real life!  Add the fact that it was cold outside, and voila – a perfect way to warm up.  g and I still believe that it’s one of the best things on the VW menu.  Nice salty potato and lusciously soft shortrib smothered in golden cheese.  The problem is that it’s a huge serving – no single person should consume this entire thing.  Even after splitting this between g and me, we knew that there was no way we’d be able to down a burger afterwards (but we didn’t mind some leftovers).

Chicken sandwich with long hot peppers.

The chicken sandwich was kind of bad.  Sorry VW – the streak of awesome sandwiches ends here with the chicken.  The long hots were indeed spicy and completely overpowered every other flavor that may have been incorporated.  Furthermore, the chicken was very dry.  When tasted sans chicken/peppers, the mushrooms, cheese, and bread were good – and so were the taro root chips!  Nevertheless, the sandwich made me a little sad because I missed my normal go-to: bbq pork sandwich.

g got the ... surprise! veggie burger! It was as good as usual.

A classic g & t drink selection!

g feels that the above picture is a classic representation of our tastes.  I go for chocolate and sugar – she goes for fancy mixed drinks … “with heels and accessories” (it’s in a stemmed glass with fruit garnish!).  Both were wonderful.

I will say that the one thing that surprised us was that the service did NOT suck!  The hostess was nice enough (it wasn’t the super-terse/snobby one with the tats), our server was both competent and expedient.  True – no one was bubbly/friendly, but I’m glad to see some changing-of-the-guard going on over there.  Figures though – the one time they have not-crap service, I order the boring chicken sandwich.  Stupid, stupid t!

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29 October 2011 at 5:34pm

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