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another reason to hate the PLCB

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t says:  There are many reasons why people dislike or even detest the PLCB.  Today, I will share my latest grievance with them.  Having been on the email list for The Wine School, I received their March newsletter containing reviews of some bottles that can be found in PA Wine and Spirits Shoppes.  One particular wine stood out (I hope they don’t mind that I reproduce it here):

2009 Falesco Tellus (Umbria, Italy, $13.99 at PLCB)per The Wine School: “Luxurious, like a velvet cushion of dark sweet fruit. The only fault is its perfection –round, sexy, slick perfection– which takes away some of the pleasure of drinking a Umbrian wine.”

And trust me – these guys at The Wine School have no incentive to promote PA wine sales – they just really like wine!  Furthermore, the Wine Advocate had a glowing review as well (check the PLCB link above).  So I logged onto the PLCB website, searched for the bottle, and found that a some-what local store in center city.  So I walked on down to 12th and Chestnut, skipping along, ever-so-excited by my impending purchase.  I mean, come on: “round, sexy, slick perfection” – who could resist?.

I arrived and couldn’t find the bottle on my own.  No big deal – they only had 2 bottles left, so it was going to be hard.  I approached a person stocking shelves and asked them for help.  They had no idea what I was talking about, which was to be expected, so they looked it up on the slower-than-molasses computer.  “We’re supposed to have 2 of these.”  I was not surprised.  “You couldn’t find ’em?”  No – of course I found ’em – I was just testing him because I have nothing better to do on a Wednesday.  Duh!  But I was nice and politely responded, “nah – I’ll check the Italian section again.”  He then went back into the storeroom to “ask the wine guy”.  A few minutes passed.  He came out and said, “we don’t got ’em”.  None?  “Nope.”  And then he walked away.  The mysterious “wine guy” didn’t come out and say anything.  No “oops”.  No “let me help you find something else”.  Nothing.

Thanks PLCB.  I love you, too.

PS  I just went to the PLCB on 5th street and they had 7 or so bottles – from which I selected two.  I hope they’re not compromised!  (The corks seem to be riding a little high.)  If so, it’d be anotherreason I’d hate the PLCB …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

7 March 2012 at 5:37pm

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