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g’s mom conquers bacon-chocolate cupcakes!

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t says:  g and I visited her mom a few days ago, who proceeded to surprise us/me with cupcakes!  And not just any ol’ cupcaktes … bacon-chocolate cupcakes!

homemade bacon chocolate cupcakes

I think she said she was inspired by the latest donut post.  Behold the power of suggestion!

Now, I don’t care if people are now “over” bacon, because I’m sure not!  It’s no surprise then, that these were obviously awesome.  Maybe she’ll point to the recipe she used so that all of you can share in the bacony chocolatey goodness.  I recall her admitting that it wasn’t an easy recipe (requiring espresso, coffee, bacon, etc), but I feel like the steps were worth it, as these were probably the moist-est cupcakes I’ve ever had – blowing away anything from a box.  Furthermore, they survived for days in the fridge with losing only the slightest, if any, moisture (which, in retrospect, is actually kind of weird?! But why complain about not-rock-hard cupcakes?).  The bacon did get chewy by day 3-4, so I’m glad I employed the help of friends to consume them – people seemed more impressed with the cupcake than the bacon.  Oh well.  I liked ’em!

Great job g’s mom!

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25 April 2012 at 6:45pm

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  1. Please ask her to post a recipe! I would love to make these!!


    25 April 2012 at 8:10pm

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