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t says:  I stumbled across an iPhone application that is designed for cleaning up photos of food – it’s called Snapdish.  Specifically, it can take any photo and increases brightness (among tweaking other settings) so that those super-dark photos taken in restaurants look much better.

For example, take a photo that I put in the most recent Meme post:



As you can see, the second photo appears far more delectable.  Sure, professionals like g could probably do a far better job utilizing Adobe softwares, however … she’s busy.  Adobe-illiterate folk like me can rely on Snapdish.

Now, I’m not going to back and re-do all of our prior blog photos, however, from here on out, we’ll Snapdish-ify our photos so they’ll look nice and pretty like on real food blogs!  Hooray!

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2 May 2012 at 12:53am

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