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Supper’s still got those red velvet waffles

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t says:  I know we/I kind of ragged on Supper’s brunch the last time we went.  Sorry Supper, we gotta call it like we taste it.  Be that as it may, we did give Supper another whirl recently, and I feel that to make up for the bad things I said last time, I should focus only on good things this time.  Fortunately, Supper made that easy for me with their long-time brunch standard bearer:

red velvet waffles (enlarged to show texture)

This time was even better than I remember – the waffles were moister, the sweet cream was fluffier, the sauce and cherries had more of a vibrant punch.  I’d say that this is probably Supper’s best brunch dish.  So go there.  Eat it.  And if you don’t like it, then you have no soul (or you don’t like sweet brunch foods).  Now if only Supper also had a dynamite savory dish to go along with these waffles (I’m not sure if the burger counts – I’m looking for an awesome egg-based dish I suppose), we’d be able to consider them again for “best brunch”  …

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4 May 2012 at 1:03am

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