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g would hurt me if i bought this …

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t says:  Yes … somewhere, someone (actually, 25 people) will pay $8k for this:

Behold! STING!!

Sorry for the tiny copy-paste – you will have to visit the website to see the real-deal:
And there’s even has a movie on how it was made and everything!

8000 dollars!!  For a sword that doesn’t actually glow in the presence of orcs (or maybe it does – how would we know?)?  That’s a pretty penny indeed.

So as you can tell, I am a Lord of the Rings fan – maybe not so much to motivate me to buy LotR paraphanalia (but someone on our cast has!  I don’t want to mention any initials …), but I can’t turn it off if I happen to catch it on TV (those TNT marathons devoured many a weekend).  I think readers will be relieved to know that the g&t household contains no such LotR swords (or any swords at all!), as I believe that swords [along with “people” and “people with swords”] kill people!  (They also kill orcs and Nazgul, which albeit useful, is thankfully not an active problem of our society today.)  So I guess this means that I will never wield this mighty [hobbit-sized] blade.  That’s ok.  I’ll stick with kitchen cutlery.

a says:  What the hell is this?  You NERD!  First off, the Lord of the Rings movies are overrated (the books are okay).  Second, if you make another Lord of the Rings post, I’m going to have to remove my initials from this blog.  NERD!

t says:  Sounds like someone here is just a little nerdophobic … or maybe trying to hide his own propensity for nerdliness?

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