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t says:  A gaggle of peeps went to Fond recently.  I was slated to go, however, felt a bit under the weather, so the other 7 had to go on without me.  Fortunately, a and v and g paid attention and reported back … (but took no pictures …)

August 2012, Friday Dinner, Party of 7.

g says: The crudo was the best crudo they’ve ever made!  And I had the beef … it was delicious as always.

a says:  We had three appetizers.  The foie has no equals, and it was somehow made even better by the lemon-ricotta. (Note to Fond: Where can I find this stuff?)  The speck wrapped shrimp was OK, though I was warned by Steve (t explains: Steve is Fond’s charming, bigger-than-life waiter) that it wouldn’t hold-up to the foie. I actually think the corn risotto under the shrimp was more interesting.  (v jumps in:  Actually, the risotto dish is second to the pigs feet at Bibou on v’s list of favorite dishes in Philly.)  For my main, they do the best skate wing I’ve ever had, but I don’t know I’ve had it anywhere else. Whatever, it rocks. v’s spanish octopus had good texture and a lot of flavor, and not surprisingly, she wasn’t sharing much.  They accommodated v and I’s sharing of the cheesecake by pre-splitting and serving two plates. The cheesecake and shortbread cookie went together perfectly, resulting in a lighter, summer dessert . The service was outstanding in that we are treated like family (or at least a second cousin). We appreciated the honesty about the menu and thoughtfulness when serving of the staff.  We can’t wait to go back and share a few more shots with them in their new location. Hopefully they’ll still be on the house.

t says:  Sure, there were more stories and more people who had impressions about the food, but because I haven’t interrogated them, personally, I don’t want to put down what I heard they might have said – that’d be heresay.  The gist, however, is that the food continues to rock at Fond.  Actually.  If anything, it sounds like it’s even a little better than before, as the desserts which I kinda-sorta-poo-pooed last time were very well-received by the group.  We’re happy for their success and wish them luck in the future … even if they do move to a new venue with a liquor license …

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9 September 2012 at 3:04pm

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